Step By Step Guide To Install Android 4.3 On Samsung Galaxy Core I8260


How to install Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy Core I8260

Android 4.3 JellyBean is the latest officially released version of Android. Though Google is very near to launching the new Android 4.4 KitKat, it is still time until it reaches your devices as it is a lot dependant on the carriers and manufacturers to push the update on your phone. That is one issue with Android, but we can always get its version online and manually install it right? So if you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Core, then you can get Android 4.3 JellyBean installed into it now without waiting for Samsung to release it for you.

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Some Warnings to be noted:

Samsung has not released an official version of Android 4.3 JellyBean for the Galaxy Core yet, so do make sure that when you install this version, you will be voiding your warranty of the phone. You need to make sure that you have a rooted device with unlocked bootloader and CWM Recovery or TWRP recovery installed on it. Also do make sure to follow all the steps to the a�?Ta�? else you might end up bricking your phone. You do not want that to happen now do you? Also you tinkering with the ROM and flashing it might cause damage to your device, and if that happens, then we are no ways responsible for it. So you may try it out at your own risk.


Backing up your important data before starting any installation is very important. Installing new firmware means flashing your entire phonea��s memory and that means losing all your phone data. Perform a NanDroid backup of your current ROM/Firmware. This can be done by selecting the backup/restore option on your recovery. This is highly recommended as you can restore your current ROM or firmware if anything goes wrong. Also make sure to back up at least your contacts, messages, call logs and apps.


Before you start with the installation process you will need to download all the required softwares. So for that first of all you will need the Android 4.3 JellyBean zip file and the Odin software. Make sure that USB debugging option on your phone has been turned on. If not then you can do this by following this path; Settings > About Phone > Developer options > USB Debugging. Also make sure the phonea��s battery is charged full to make sure that is does not run out of juice halfway through the installation process.


1. First step always to any software solution is to acquire the software in the first place. So you will need to download the software on your system.

2. After downloading the file, you will get a Zip file. On unzipping the file, you will get two files in it with the extension a�?.md5a�? and a file with the extension .tar

3. After that download software called Odin 3.09, and open and unpack the .zip also.

4. Launch Odin.

5. Then reboot your Galaxy Core in download mode. You can do this by long pressing the Volume Up, Power and Home button all at the same time.

6. Connect your Galaxy Core via USB cable to your computer and wait for Odin to recognize it. A blue box should then appear (in the program).

7. Add: 5 to AP

8. Before going ahead and pressing Start, do make sure that the re-partition box is not checked.

9. Click Start and wait a few minutes until the procedure ends. Do not disconnect your phone, be patient. The screen might go blank in this process, nothing to panic there as well, it is perfectly normal.

10. After the process finishes, then your Galaxy Core restarts and then you are done.

Make a note that the Android 4.3 for the Galaxy Core is the Vanilla Android version which you get in the Nexus phones and not the one with TouchWiz UI. So do not be upset and enjoy the new version with all the amazing features that come along with it. It will be some time until the official release for the Galaxy Core to arrive and then that comes, you can always root your device back to the original 4.1 version which comes pre-loaded for which you have taken a backup and then go to settings and receive the update OTA. So now after this you will be perfectly set with the new version of android. Now it is time to explore it and enjoy.