Sony Xperia Z2 unable to start : Quick Fixes


Sony Company has recently launched its latest smart phone by the name of Sony Xperia Z2. The best part is that the company is aggressively marketing this smart phone and there is a strong reason to believe this and some of those reasons are latest and advanced features and unique water proofing features.

But apart from all these good things there are few Sony Xperia Z2 customers who are facing some sort of technical issues with this smart phone and one such issue is that Sony Xperia Z2 unable to start. Here is the complete and detailed description about this issue and what all steps that can be followed in order to overcome this issue.

Sony Xperia Z2

What exactly is the problem?

There are many Sony Xperia Z2 users who are facing this problem. Sometimes the phone gets completely struck or is unable to start. There are many times the phone goes completely blank when you in the middle of making some sort of urgent call.

What is the possible solution?

The first and the foremost basic step that can be performed are to take the battery out of the smart phone and then try to restart it again. Chances are that the problem will be solved. This is one of the basic steps that can be performed.

If the above mentioned step does not work then the next step is to make sure that the phonea��s battery is fully charged. There are at time the battery is quite low and as a result the phone goes into sleep mode. Hence make sure that whenever the smart phonea��s 10 percent battery is left you just plug a charger to it and get to fully charged.

You also need to check of you are facing this problem only because of auto-sleep mode ON. You need to deactivate this option and check if the problem gets removed.

Finally you can get your smart phone checked from the nearest Sony authorized service center and get your problem rectified. Chances are that the phonea��s software will be reloaded for the rectification of the problem.

While performing the last step you need to make sure that all of the important data is backed up because when the firmware is getting reloaded the data gets lost. Hence a backup would help you to retain all of your important contacts, pictures and other data.