Sony Xperia Z1 wona��t boot, unable to start, dead or black screen


Sony Xperia Z1 which was launched on 2013, September is a great phone and now ita��s coming with an update of android 4.4. KitKat. This phone offers the largest screen on a smartphone i.e. 6.4 inches with many additional features like glove touch, Google Now, improved battery life etc. But in spite of all this big screen, well-equipped fully featured phone recently their have been lots of complain from buyers about some faults they are facing. Complaints are regarding the Xperia Z1 wont boot. Ita��s even unable to start. Sometimes dead or shows black screen. All this is unacceptable.

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

Users all around the world have made many complain like phone hangs up. Screen appears to be dead or black screen. But in real the phone is actually on and ita��s functioning behind the black screen but we cana��t see a thing so we cana��t do a thing. In order to check this you can try calling from other cell phone. Some users have complained that when they try to start the camera on their Xperia Z1 the camera is on and suddenly the screen goes black. From what we can gather is that the Xperia z1 works fine for many days but than suddenly all these problems of Xperia Z1 wona��t boot, unable to start, dead or black screen arrives and this is not good. One of the most talked problem is the Xperia Z1 is at times unable to awaken by pressing the power button it needs few repeat press of power button to successfully do it. There are many solutions given by various users claiming that follow this steps so these problem may be would get solved but now of this is legit and they themselves claim that they give no guarantee to any damage caused during following their steps.SO I suggest to avoid trying all this techniques and if you try its own your own risk.

It seems that there doesna��t appear to be any particular pattern that could prove why all this problems are happening in Sony Xperia Z1. Some of them says that it causes may be because of low battery status but we have come to conclusion to that even there are users that have complained they facing their problems when the phone is with plenty of charge.

Sony Company says that say it is related to low battery status, but it has even happened to users who have plenty of charge left. Recently Xperia Z1 owners have been taking on Sony’s official forum for last couple of weeks to complain about these problems they are facing, Sony Mobile Company have declared a�?We are sorry that a small number of our customers are experiencing power issues with their Xperia Z1. “We would like to reassure all of our customers,” the statement continues, “that this is affecting a very small number of devices. If you have experienced any issues, please contact your local customer support centre who will be able to advise you on some easy steps you may take to resolve the issue.” So they have stated that they too have received all this complain and they are now aware of and that a a�?fix for this will be implemented in next software updatea�?.


IF you are owner of Sony Xepria Z1 and if you facing these problems go to your nearest Sonya��s service centre and get the solution from them and even company has promised fix to all of this in its next software update.