Sony Xperia C released version 16.0.B.2.16: Build update with some gesture control


For Sony Xperia C users there is good news that latest software is available on their Smartphone from Sony. Company has released new update software for the Smart phone which changes the build number from 16.0.B.0.21 to 16.0.B.2.16. However android version remains the same i.e. Android 4.2.2 jelly bean and users can expect Android 4.3 from Sony to be released in few months. This updated software has unlocked and improved new features which user can avail by updating their Phone. Leta��s have a look at some of the problems which are solved with latest version 16.0.B.2.16.

Sony Xperia Logo

Issue such as Battery problem is solved

With the latest update people who were complaining about sudden battery consumption problem can have a sigh of relief as the battery problem is solved. Users can enjoy more battery life and do not have to charge their phone quickly.

The Quality of the camera is enhanced

Users who have already updated their Smart phone with latest version can enjoy better camera quality. They can click or view pictures with excellent quality and feel a new experience. User can also enjoy better video recording and can also watch videos in high quality.

Your Smartphone will not hang now

Many users were facing this issue of their smart phone getting hanged again and again. Sony has improved the performance of phone with latest version, thus helping users to enjoy services of phone without getting hanged. Their Smart phone will not hang even when too many applications are running at the same time. This will be helpful for users to enjoy multitasking with ease and comfort.

There is a lot of Improvement in Touch Response

The main improvement with latest software released is with touch response. Users can feel a new experience while operating the phone. They can open applications with soft touch now. Earlier they had to press the screen harder. With improvement in touch response users are able to text more quickly and comfortably.

How user can update Xperia C to latest software 16.0.B.2.16?

To enjoy better and improved features in Xperia C users must update their Smart phone with this new and latest update. You can update the software from the Smart phone or can take help of Sony PC Companion for updating the phone. To update the software from your Smart phone, run Sony update Service on it and follow the instructions. After you have completed all the instructions that are provided, youa��re Smart phone will be rebooted and new software will be loaded in it.

Users must update Sony Xperia C to latest software to get rid of all the problems and enjoy a new experience of operating the phone.