Sony rolling Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat update for Xperia T2 Ultra


Sony Xperia T2 Ultra has finally got the brand new features unlocked with its operating system being upgraded to Kit Kat. Sony has been working out to incorporate new genes in this new Kit Kat OS which will upgrade both its looks as well as features. This is best for the people who have lived long on Jelly Bean with this Smartphone; finally they have got something new to feel in their hands. The Kit Kat update has came with new improvements and the optimized user interface. The status bar has been renovated and quick settings panel has been made more functional.

Sony Xperia T2

Now instead of getting every messy notification before your eyes, you will get only the needy ones and the ones you want to see. The animations and live wallpapers have been clearly redefined and mimicked from Sonya��s own Play Station4. The inbuilt sony owned applications for entertainment and security have also been updated which include MyXperia, Smart connect, Track ID, Sony Select and many more. The multimedia applications from Sony like WALKMAN have been upgraded to better UI and improved Sony cloud integration to get full Sony experience of music and movies. The highly popular Sony skin packs/ themes with more than 280 styles called Xperia Themes has also been included in this update. Besides these update one of the major update is adding compatibility of Sony wearable which include Smart band SWR8 and Life log app on Sony Xperia T2 Ultra. The update of Kit Kat isna��t just the mere update of Kit Kat.

Ita��s also the update of Sonya��s own user interface and integration. Sony has given the higher version of applications which come pre installed in Sony Smartphonea��s, Sony has added integration with their own wearable which clearly signifies that this isna��t just the work of Android. This is Sony technology and Android Technology mix up team work which has improved the Smartphone interface and usability to this extent.. The one more essential rather interesting update made by Sony is the ability of moving applicationa��s to SD card via settings. Knowing the day to day sophistication and increasing size of apps and games has influenced Sony to make this feature available for their Smartphone. Looking at the extent of modification, it can be stated that Sony has completely rehabilitated their operating System with the all new moves and shapes.

From a small application to a huge integration everything has been updated and every corner of this Smartphone looks newer, sharper, stronger and crispier. And we can also say that this is a giant update made by Sony so far in their UI as well as performance. Now leta��s see when this upgrading will be done to rest of the Sony Smartphonea��s.