Smartphone camera does lots of things other than clicking photo


You might know that with the advancement of the technology in Smartphone there was enormous advancement in camera technology too. Now the camera is used to click pictures and HD videos and also for the video chats and call and also for web camera. I would like to tell you that there are much more possibilities which you can do with your camera which we are going to detail it below.

Look At The Products in Person and Buy Them Online

This feature is going popular nowadays, if we are somewhere in the stores purchasing some products that are provided with some scan code or barcode so you can scan that barcode and you can compare the price of that product available online too. So this is really helping the customer to scan the barcode and know the evaluation of the phone.

Amazon provides such app that if you scan a barcode and if that item is available online too at a cheaper rate than you can make a decision and save you money. This is really helpful because the entire products price fluctuates every now and then so you can make out with the help of your phone’s camera and make a choice.

Translate Foreign Language Text

In an unknown place or country you are unaware of the language of that region then also you can make use of your camera and Google translator to interpret with them. With the help of Google translator you can just type in English and you can convert it in different provided language.

If you need to know something which is written in a different language then you can scan the picture of that and translate it to your familiar language. Your camera will perform like OCR with the help of Google translate and you can just make out the written sentence and can convert it for you.

Augmented Reality Tricks

You can also make use of your camera to work with augmented reality app, this app will help your Smartphone to capture a live picture from your camera and with the help of this app it will be modified as per the need. You can place certain things on your live images and video to get a proper idea of something which you need to know. For example if you are in furniture shop and you need to know which furniture will look best so you can click the image of your home and place the proper furniture on your home with the help of augmented reality check app.

Visual Search

With the help of your powerful camera you can make a search by clicking the picture of that particular thing. All you need to do is click the picture and perform the search; Google will provide you with relevant result according to the photo of the product. Google Goggles on Android will provide you with visual search experience.

Scan and OCR Documents

You can scan the document with the help of your phone. If you have some receipts, document or visiting card then doesn’t save all that papers, just scan and save it on your phone and computer for further reference. With the help of proper app you can just take the scan a document as that app will perform OCR and convert it in PDF though it is not much of better quality but it is much faster than of traditional scanners.

Scan QR Codes

Now you see the QR codes all over on the streets on gadgets or apparels to find out the proper information about that product. If you scan that QR code it will direct you to the associated websites and you can have relevant information about that product. It came mainly in focus after the use of BlackBerry messenger app, all you need to scan the code and get connected with BlackBerry messenger group.

Build a Security Camera

You can also make use of your camera for security purpose as you can turn your phone into a networked security camera and you can set it up by own too.

So all this is the features which we can make out with the help of camera on your phone.