How to Set Up Android Pay on your Android Phone


In the modern age, electronic money or e-money is practiced all over the world. One of the mediums of e-money is your mobile phone itself. Using your phone, you can do many things, send messages, take videos and photos, play games , there are many more and one of those is to handle your money electronically.

Android PayEasy Way to Set Up Android Pay

Using your Android phone, there is the mobile app called Android Pay. Using android pay, you can store up data of your credit, debit and loyalty cards to your phone. These data can be used to access your bank accounts and pay electronically at shops that accept Android Pay or NFC Pay.

Remember to check the banks supported by Google. There are many banks that already do and is still counting. Your bank might not be in the list for now but might be added in the future.

Check the list of Google’s supported banks here:

Now, how do you set it up?

Download the Mobile Application

Get the latest Android Pay version on Google Play Store.

Your Android device need to be NFC enabled, mostly Android 4.4 and above. You need to sign in your Google account for this but most of us do at the time we got our Android phones so some could skip this part.

After you install, it will show you a brief tutorial and information about the Android Pay itself.

Adding a Credit or Debit Card

One installed and opened, there will be a float action button at the bottom-right side of your phone. Press it and a menu will open. Select and press “Add a Credit or Debit Card” from the menu.

Your camera will open automatically, this for you to scan your credit or debit card. As you scan your card, be sure to fit the card unto the frame on the screen of your phone. Also align the numbers on your card on the placeholder numbers on the screen.

Finally, confirm your card’s CVC number and save.

Android Pay will verify the card with your bank. When everything is done and verified, it will get added to the stack of cards you have in your Android Pay if ever you had cards verified earlier. Select a card you mostly or wanted to use and set it as your default.

Adding Loyalty Cards

Same goes for adding loyalty cards. You start by tapping the floating action button at the bottom fo the screen and select “Add a Loyalty Program” from the menu.

Search the name of the store or company you wish to add. Scan the barcode of your loyalty card afterwards. If the app can’t scan the code, you can enter it manually. Confirm the code.

Once the loyalty card is added, you can use Android Pay to provide the barcode for the clerk to scan.

There are many shops and companies that support Android Pay so keep your eyes peeled for Android Pay and NFC Pay symbols and make use of Android Pay to your heart’s content.