Samsung Note 4 Battery issue update


Samsung’s resent release in note series “SAMSUNG NOTE 4” one of the hot topics of the town. The device has some of the latest and ultimate hardware and features and top of that Samsung as a brand to back all this is makes it a very good selling point. The major features of this device were the 5.7” screen supported by an adreno 420 graphic processor. Note 4 has a quad-core snapdragon 850 installed in it one of the highest processor present in recent times with a 3GB Ram. Thus note 4 is fast and can handle multitasking easily. Unlike its predecessor the note 4 comes with 4G connection, the device is also compatible with 3G, and 2G network as certain countries have not installed 4G. Clicking images was always fun and with 16Mp rear camera the fun gets better. All this features and lots more in note series the device was always worried to handle load and so Samsung introduced 3220mAH battery one of the largest.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Note 4 3220mAH battery one of the largest battery size supports 4G connectivity, quad core processor, and 3GB RAM device. Inspite of such a great battery size Note 4 lacked the performance that a user can grab from its one-time charge. Recently Samsung launched its device in INDIA and the sources says after the battery performance review in UK and USA Samsung took some firm steps and introduced a new firmware XXU1ANJ4. Report says XXU1ANJ4 firmware helps Samsung note 4-battery life and further reviews are better than the previous ones. The update was launched the day before device entered Indian market and sources confirms that this firmware are yet to update on these devices but don’t worry here comes Phonelane for your rescue. For all the advance user just hook-up your device to the internet and perform you magic and your device is better than others but for rest here are few steps that you need to check after you buy SAMSUNG’s NOTE 4.

After turning, your device just connect it to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile internet (3G is must). After that go to settings and then about device. Once you click about device just hit software update and voila you will be able to download apron 36MB update file make sure you have a full battery life when you are performing this. Now once all the updates are done you will have a very good battery life that none of the earlier note device have experienced. While updating if the device shows that “The Latest updates have already been installed” then do not worry many devices have already been updated by Samsung after the issue. For any further queries leave us a mail and we will get back to you.