Samsung Galaxy S5 unable to connect wifi network: Easy solutions for Wifi Problems


The most anticipated Samsung Galaxy s5 has finally landed safely in the android market. It has shown some brand new, spectacular features and designing. This lucky Smartphone has registered its name in being the 1st water and dustproof Smartphone ever designed by Samsung. Another best thing which we went through is that Samsung hardware manufacturers haven’t made it a bulky one but have designed it with perfection so that the size remains normal.
We all have been playing with fingerprint screen lock just for fun till now.

Finally the wait is over; Samsung has developed a real working fingerprint scanner which is certified by PayPal. So you can be much safer and secure about your Smartphone. Even your friends and kids can’t break into your personal stuff present in your Smartphone. Its 16 MP camera is worth praising because of its latest features and high quality photo capturing modes.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Surprisingly Samsung has got this Smartphone 4G LTE enabled, now you can browse and download stuff in lightning fast speed. Moreover Samsung has concentrated on this Smartphone’s water resistant and 3G feature so much they didn’t gave a second thought to its wifi connectivity. It has been kept same as it was in Galaxy s4.

Well everything looks high-quality but its wifi is not that good which we were expecting, it drops down unexpectedly and looses connection. So, you will have to compromise in its wifi feature a bit as it has been claimed by a lot of users. This problem might occur because of defective hardware or a due to a bug in its software. You can try to connect other Smartphone with the same router and if you found no issue in connection then your Galaxy s5 is surely in trouble.
Don’t worry; we have got some possible solutions which can solve your problem. You can try these and see if they work for you. The most natural thing which every wifi user does during connection problem is just switching it on and off in quick settings menu. You can also try this. If it won’t help you then go for the other steps shown below:

1. Click on Settings>Connections>Wifi> and tap on the option keep wifi on during sleep if it isn’t already selected.

2. There is a wifi power saver mode available in your s5, turn it off by following steps. Dial *#0011# > menu> wifi and turn off power saver mode.

3. Update your router settings and troubleshoot it. It might solve your problem. You can also contact your ISP regarding this matter.

The steps shown above are good for wifi connectivity but will gradually increase battery drainage. So always keep your Galaxy s5 charged fully and after that use this connectivity option. It’s good for the health of your Smartphone.