Samsung Galaxy S5 over heat and battery overheat quickly


The recently launched Samsung S5 smart phone is one of the best smart phones launched till date. It has many advanced features and you will really love to have this smart phone with you. But the only problem that people are facing is the overheating and battery over heat problem. This type of problem occurs mainly due to over use and here are some useful steps that can be followed to solve this problem.

Avoid charging your smart phone in an area which is hot

Sometimes we keep on charging the smart phone in a room which is already hot. It should be avoided and you must charge your phone in a room which is cool or on normal room temperature. Though a slight rise in the temperature while charging is absolutely normal but overheating can result into bursting of the battery. There have been many instances in the past that happened and hence you must take proper care of the battery while charging as well as room temperature.

Always buy original spare parts such as original batteries

There are many people who buy inferior quality batteries so that they can save some money. But in actual they are doing harm to their smart phones as these inferior qualities cheap batteries can damage the phone. Always buy high quality original batteries as well as spare parts from authorized phone dealers.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Don’t use your smart phone when it is getting charged

People can be seen using their smart phone when it is getting charged. It should be avoided and only use your smart phone when it is fully charged. Moreover only charge your smart phone when the battery is about to finish as this will help in increasing the life of the battery for a longer period of time.

Set the screen brightness level at a optimum level

Apart from all the steps that have been mentioned above you can also decrease the screen brightness of your smart phone. There are many times excessive screen brightness results into overuse of the battery and it get heated. Hence always keep the screen brightness at an optimum level.

You can also activate the battery saver mode

The best part about Samsung S5 is that it comes with a battery saver mode. You can activate this mode and save considerable amount of battery. As a result less battery gets used and the overheating does not happen. This is also a great way to use your smart phone for a longer period of time. Moreover avoid playing high graphic based games when the phone is getting charged. First let the phone completely charged and then start playing games.

All of these above mentioned steps are quite effective in stopping your smart phone’s battery from getting over heated and moreover it helps you to get complete performance out of your phone. In the end always make sure that only original parts are used and hence buy genuine and high quality spare parts from reputed and recognized suppliers.