Samsung Galaxy Note 4 dropped in water, what to do?


The brand new metallic trendy makeover of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 definitely looks catchier than the previous variants of Note series. A big impressive improvement is seen in its display being 5.7inches super AMOLED type with 2650*1440 pixel resolution. This Smartphone comes stocked with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat being the latest so far running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor variedly clocked though 2.7GHz being the peak frequency. The magical smooth application running experiences comes from this super fast processor coupled with 3GB RAM. The 16MP primary camera is housed at the back with special feature of optical image stabilization. The fast charging feature is the tricky one seen in this Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It’s for sure that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 proves to be a good companion with its premium grade features and performance. The companionship can last forever unless the misfortune strikes your Note 4, water dropping being the saddest one. You can lose every essential data present in your Smartphone within a moment along with this costly Smartphone. So, it’s recommended to use waterproof case more often with your Smartphone. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already submerged in water and you are freaking out to do some savior moves with it, then you should definitely try to do these things given below.

1. After taking out your Smartphone from underwater, check whether it is still turned on, if so then switch it off quickly and if it’s off then keep it likewise.

2. Take out every attached part from this Smartphone which comprises of back panel, SIM, battery, SD card, etc.

3. Put on a cloth over your Smartphone and press it without sliding over. Let the cloth do the work of soaking on it’s own. It will be a protective move to prevent water from entering slots.

4. Keep the main skeleton as well as parts of your Smartphone still for 24 hours so that it will dry up completely. Some people keeping it dumped in uncooked rice bag for about 24 hours.

5. After ensuring that your Smartphone is totally dried, put in the battery and turn on, if it turned on, then your Smartphone is back. Otherwise try charging the battery and try the new battery if it doesn’t get up. Your Smartphone should wake up now.

Beyond this point, the further moves include in-depth dismantling of your Smartphone which is recommended to be done by safe hands. So, it’s better to give your Smartphone to official service centre located nearest to you.