Running out data pack? Check out some best ways to save it!


Most of the people use Android smartphones these days and obviously with data packs for various purposes and applications, virtually all the smartphone devices are continuously starving of data. Most of the Indian mobile network providers offer a limited internet pack. And when you have a limited data pack, in case, then it becomes utmost significant to make definite that the data is used legibly, only when needed. If you data usage limit is crossed, you may be very heavily charged by your internet service supplier, and the most bothersome slice is, they seldom prompt you that the limit / bound of the data plan you are consuming is going to be expired. Appreciations to data restricting function across many of your beloved applications which makes certain that you do not end up consuming much data on Cellular network system.

Android Data Uage

Here in this article we will let you know some of the best ways to save your data pack! Enjoy the tips below and be happy to get low data bills. . .

1. Use Wi – Fi to update your apps:
Every one of you receive notifications for updating of apps every day, and you have to make certain that automatic updatation of the apps are done only when your device is having a Wi a�� Fi network. So move on to Settings a�� Click on Auto Update Apps a�� select the option Auto Update Apps over WiFi only by clicking on it.

2. Background Data can be restricted:
When Android OS versions like Ice Cream Sandwich and above are started, an option to monitor and or restrict the data usage of your phone can be accomplished by going to Settings – Data Usage. There in the Menu, check out for detail options which will help you to limit the usage of data. Also you can keep a limit of your usage of data as limit for free usage.

3. Sync of your Data:
Enter into Settings a�� Data Usage a�� Menu a�� uncheck the option Autosync data. Also the data can be synced with different apps. Syncing with google apps can be done by going to Settings a�� Accounts a�� Google. You can also instead, choose the apps independently so as to govern the Data Synced.

4. Minimizing usage of Data on Browser:
Make use of the web browser that icepacks web pages for you, for example Opera web can be chosen for PC and Opera Mini can be used for Android and iPhone. The data savings can be marvelous if you make use of such browser every now and then ranging upto beyond 90%. The tip, though backfires, when one is trying to browse some javascript empowered page on opera mini on phone device as the javascript is not supported / maintained by opera mini, as of now. It works whenever a web page is requested by you, you are delivered with packed down photocopies of the web pages on such browsers therefore saving you a heavy lot of data. One added point now is, the speed: Opera mini is the fastest browser always ever used on any mobile.

5. Preload Flowing / Streaming:
With features like Offline / Disconnected Storage and Caching, it makes certain that even when one is having limited data obtainability or Restricted Cellular Internet plan / pack, you can still make usage of the service / facility. This is already in place for maximum of the common widespread apps like Google Maps, YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, Saavn.

6. Turn off images on the browser:
You can turn the images off on your mobile browser settings. Even though image speaks thousands of things, it consumes more of your data pack! If not all the time, at least for the last few days before the expiry of your data pack, keep the images turned off. By doing this method you can save and enjoy your data pack / plan for some more days!