How to root and unroot Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


Lately Xiaomi has launched its recent innovation in the market, and it is none other than Redmi Note 3. Customers have already brought one for them, and are having a good time enjoying its amazing features. One of the best things about Redmi 3 is it has been loaded with various new features and comes along with MIUI ROM. If you have recently purchased the phone, then there are chances that you are looking for options of rooting your device. In order to help you easily carry out rooting of your device, we have brought a handy guide for you. However before following this guide, dona��t forget that this guide is just for Redmi Note 3 users and it cannot be tried on other Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3How to root and unroot Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Root Redmi Note 3

Upon rooting your device, you will be able to install custom recovery and also rooted applications on the phone. To begin with rooting, keep following simple steps mentioned below however before you start make sure to take backup of your phone.

  • In the beginning, check the model number of your device to ensure that the guide is meant for you and if you can follow this for rooting your phone.
  • Download the file and save it on the desktop of your computer system. Dona��t extract the folder and keep it as it is.
  • Use SD card of your note and get these files on your phone.
  • Open the updater app on the device, click menu and select the option a�?Select update package option.a�?
  • Once this is done select a�?root.zipa�? which was downloaded at step 1. Click update,
  • Once you select this, your phone would ask you to reboot. Select reboot.
  • Reboot the device now and go to security app -> Permissions -> Root permission -> Turn on. This will give you root access on your device.

Unroot Redmi Note 3

After following this step, you can probably enjoy the rooted device and use or access almost anything. Now, after rooting your device if you wish to unroot it again then simply follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Go to security app -> Permissions -> Root permission -> Turn it off
  • Now download the file
  • Connect the phone to your PC and simply move it to the SD card of your phone.
  • Open the updater app on note, and then click menu. Select update package option.
  • Unroot zip can then be selected which was downloaded at step 2.
  • Your device would ask for unroot and then it will be unrooted.