How To Root or Unroot Xiaomi Mi5


There are different ways in which you can Root or Unroot Xiaomi MI 5 smartphone. The first way is Rooting Xiaomi MI 5 with a PC, and the other way is Rooting Xiaomi MI 5 without a PC. In this segment, we are going to deal with Unrooting Xiaomi MI 5 without a PC. Rooting your Xiaomi MI 5 will allow you to enjoy some features and apps that cana��t be allowed onto your Phone when rooted since your will be bypassing the privacy of the phone. Here is a basic guideline on how to root or unroot your Xiaomi MI 5 without a PC.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Root or Unroot Xiaomi

STEP 1: Pre-requisites.
For you to unroot your Xiaomi MI 5 smartphone without your PC, you need to have the following prerequisites. You need to ensure that your phone is charged and its 100% full. This is the only prerequisite that you need to have before you start working on it. This is done so as to prevent any interruptions that you might face when rooting your phone.

STEP 2: Enable the USB Debugging Mode.
The USB debugging mode is done under the Setting section. If you cana��t find the USB debugging section on the setting platform, then you can access this by tapping the about phone section under the setting around 6-7 times so that the developer option to be enabled.

STEP 3: Enable the Unknown Source.
You will then navigate to the Unknown Source through the Security Setting option to get to it. When you reach there, you will enable the Unknown Source setting.

STEP 4: Download and Install the Kingroot App.
The Kingroot app is one of the essential apps required in the rooting of your Xiaomi MI 5. You will now download the app. After downloading the app, you will install the app on your Xiaomi MI5 mobile phone. The Kingroot App has got a small size and thus it will not consume a lot of your phone memory.

STEP 5: Launch and Run The Kingroot App.
After installing the Kingroot App, you will then run it. After it has opened, it will display a big circle where you will have to tap it and allow it to run so as to complete the whole process. After the process has been done a big white tick in the green circle will pop up. This is a clear indication that your Xiaomi MI 5 has been rooted entirely.

STEP 6: Reboot Your Xiaomi MI 5.
For you to complete the whole rooting process, you will have to reboot your Xiaomi MI 5 smartphone. After this, your phone will have been completely rooted.
Following the above simple procedures will enable you to root Xiaomi MI 5 within 30 minutes. The steps are basic and easy to follow. If this does not work then, ita��s best if you consider rooting your Xiaomi MI 5 smartphone using the PC. The OC procedure are also simple though at times it becomes very complicated.