How to root, unroot and unlock bootloader of Huawei Honor 6


Huawei Honor 6 is the latest high end Smartphone from the Chinese tech manufacturer Huawei though Honor claimed to be the separate branch of Huawei associated with Smartphone manufacturing. This Smartphone has got all the looks and assets to tempt you. Its best thing is its full HD 5.0inches display providing a bright and crisp video and gaming experience. The rest of the features are also remarkably good which incorporate a Kirin 1.7GHz Quad core processor coupled with 3GB RAM, 13MP primary camera + 5MP front shooter, making this Smartphone a perfect one for photography as well as selfie lovers, 4G LTE support and 3100mAH Li-Po battery. This Smartphone is encased of black glass on front and back edged with a metallic plastic, giving it a sort of iPhone look. So, this Smartphone is overall a good package.

Huawei Honor 6

Root, unroot or unlock boot-loader of Huawei Honor 6

Though it being a nice Smartphone still everyone wants to rejuvenate their Smartphone by rooting it, installing custom ROM’s and unlocking boot-loader, no one wants their owned Smartphone to be locked for from doing amazing stuff. You can improvise the performance of your Smartphone, gain root access and launch any desired file you want without restrictions So, here we going to root, un-root and unlock the boot-loader of this Smartphone by simple steps.

Things to know:

1. Before performing any of these processes ensure that your Honor 6 is sufficiently charged i.e. above 70%.

2. Remember to backup all of your personal data.

3. This will void the warranty on your Smartphone, so you have to un-root it before claiming warranty.

Lets Root:

Downloads required:

1. Download Super developed by Chainfire into internal SD storage of your Smartphone.


1. Tap volume up and power button simultaneously for few seconds so that your Smartphone enters into recovery mode.

2. After entering into recovery mode successfully, look for “install zip from SD” option and tap on it.

3. Look for the Super SU file you downloaded and flash it.

4. Reboot your Honor 6 and you will find Super SU icon in your applications, launch it and click on “binaries”.

5. Reboot your Smartphone again.

That’s it; your Smartphone is successfully rooted.


Un-rooting a Honor 6 is an easy process you can do in just few steps:

1. Open the Super SU application on your Smartphone.

2. Tap on the settings option and you will find the un-root option.

3. Click on it and your Smartphone will be successfully un-rooted.

Unlocking the boot-loader of Honor 6:

Downloads required:

1. HiSuite

2. ClockWorkMod Recovery

3. Android SDK

4. SuperSU

Unlocking boot-loader of a Smartphone is a tricky job and requires a goods amount of concentration while performing different actions. So, follow the given instructions carefully to unlock the boot-loader of your Smartphone successfully.

1. Go to the developer options of your Smartphone and enable it via following path: Settings > About Phone > Build number (multiple taps required to enable developer options).

2. Now enable USB debugging in the Developer options section.

3. Plug in your Smartphone into your PC via USB cable.

4. To unlock the boot-loader hibernate your Honor 6 into Download Mode by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down and the power knob simultaneously. Now Honor 6 logo should appear on your Smartphone.

5. After download mode, we need to go into the fast-boot mode which can be done by tapping volume down and power button together.

6. Now it’s the time for recovery Mode, for that Press Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously, navigate to the stock ROM.

We have finally reached the half way of unlocking the boot-loader of Honor 6. For rest of the manufacturers, this process is almost identical and not too much messy. But for Honor 6 you would have to get a password for unlocking boot-loader successfully. Let’s go.

7. Install all the downloaded components no your PC which include HISuite, Android SDK, etc.

8. Visit the provided link:

9. Fill in all the required blanks and provide necessary information. Remember to change the given detail of the 1st model to :.

10. After obtaining serial number and IMEI of your Smartphone fill it in the respective blanks.

11. For product ID you need to dial *#*#1357946#*#*

12. After that verify yourself by entering the code and submit the information. Now you will get a 16 number unlock password for unlocking the boot-loader of your Honor 6.

13. Check the adb and fast-boot files are preset by going in the platform tools of Android SDK.

14. After plugging in your Honor 6 to the PC. Go to the command prompt and type “adb devices”. It should show your device in the list.

15. Type “adb reboot boot-loader”, then type “fastboot oem unlock password”. Type the obtained password in place of password.

16. After completing all the steps successfully, the boot-loader of your Honor 6 will get unlocked and the message will be prompted.