How to root HTC one m8: Make the One Like No One


This is the most comprehensive rooting procedure for rooting your HTC one m8. Since HTC one m8 is the highly sophisticated and fully featured Smartphone presently being counted among top finest Smartphone available right now. Developers have unlocked its administrator rights and given below are the steps to get the key.

Here we will root your Smartphone through ADB / fast boot technique. You should knowing that your HTC one m8 comes with a boot loader but dona��t worry that too is easy to unlock. So after unlocking boot loader we can carry on rooting on your Smartphone.

HTC One M8

Must Know:

We dona��t carry any responsibility of your Smartphone damage and by going on you are agreeing that you solely hold the responsibility of your Smartphone. You also need to know that rooting will void the warranty of your Smartphone if your phone is under warranty.


1. Keep your HTC one m8 charged above 80%.

2. Keep the backup of your Smartphone data as ita��s going to get erased during rooting.

Downloads Required:

1. TWRP Recovery which are different for GSM and Sprint.

2. ADB/Fast boot files.

3. file.

1. Type a�?cmda�? command in the start menu of your windows pc and locate the folder where you have placed above extracted files.

2. For turning your HTC one m8 into fast boot mode you need to press the power off button and volume down button together. Using the volume buttons navigate the fast boot option and click on it by pressing power button.

3. After ensuring that everything is working finely according to the given procedure, connect you HTC one m8 to the PC.

4. Now you will need to go through the following command on your PC to flash TWRP recovery on your HTC one m8.

Fast boot > Recovery > TWRP recovery.img

5. Reboot your HTC one m8 into recovery mode by holding switch off button first and then volume down and power buttons simultaneously as already done before.

6. Again navigate using the volume keys and click on Recovery and then TWRP recovery and this will boot your HTC one m8.

7. In the last step install TWRP recovery and click on file which was already downloaded. It will automatically install the file on your device. Now click on Reboot system and your HTC one m8 will start behaving normally.

Congrats you have successfully rooted your HTC one m8.