How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S5 processor


In this technology age there is always a need for faster processing speeds. A hardware becomes slow after few months when compared with new release of faster once. One way to overcome this is by overclocking the device. Overclocking is the process of basically running the device processor at a frequency above the manufacturer specified rating for the device.
For overclocking the phone settings should be monitored along with the battery life. Overclocking speeds up CPU frequency in order to receive better performance. Overclock operation applied for smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S5 is similar with the one performed on PC or notebook as both will increase CPU frequency.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Overclocking the CPU frequency is an operation that has nothing to do with Android, Google or the phone company. Therefore, before completing this method you have to prepare your device. Overclocking can be done by gaining the root access of Samsung galaxy S5 , installing the custom ROM, run rooted app and overclock the processor.

Overclocking the Samsung galaxy S5 phone requires root access; the user has to add permission to the OS that allow heavy modification and the installation of the custom ROMs which provides root access to the phone, allowing hardware tweaks. Bumping the CPU performance can be performed only if custom kernel is flashed, and for doing such thing you first need to unchain the system of Samsung galaxy phone. Gaining the root access also helps to gain the internal system access of handset where the factory restrictions will be removed and the warranty will get void. Custom ROMs comes with custom kernel that supports overclocking. Power the Samsung galaxy S5 with a custom firmware and overclocking would be enabled. Once overclocking is enabled download one of these apps: SetCPU, No-frills CPU Control install the tool on the phone and run the same. Follow the instructions in order to increase the CPU frequency, reboot . It is important to take the backup of the data saved on the internal storage of the phone before doing overclocking because of the wiping operations done and also to take the backup of the current ROM which can be restored after overclocking.

Overclocking the CPU does ensure higher clock speed and even speedier performance from the Galaxy, but please do ensure that you do not do to the extent that it burns away the CPU, unlike the PC CPU, mobile processors are not build keeping overclocking in mind. Do be weary of trying such hacks as some of the damages cannot be undone if done without proper materials and void your warranty.

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