Nokia X, X+ and XL Facebook Messenger download


Android is overall ruling software these days in smartphones almost all companies are now launching their phones android based. Nokia Company has now officially announced its much awaited first Android based smartphone named Nokia X followed with other two smartphones of X series including Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. All these here X family phones are low budget smartphones and they come with user interface style of Nokia Lumia and have 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor with many other inbuilt featured software’s while one of these software is  social application  Facebook messenger that we all are well aware of Facebook.

Nokia X Dual Sim

Facebook Messenger is well featured user friendly inbuilt application in Nokia X series smartphones. These app is very easy to use and as we open the application a window pops up saying enter your username and password or sign up if you not already a Facebook user thus simple and easy interface like android Facebook messenger we all aware about. Then as you successfully log in the window pops up stating Contact Sync. Now this software provides you option like sync all your contacts or sync only existing contacts or even if you don’t want to sync there is option not sync, you can select any of these three option as per your need and as per you have selected from this option sync would start in background and you main app screen would come up and you can use it as you want with many features available.

There are many features available like:

  1. Newsfeed where you can see the latest updates of stories from all the people and various Pages that you have followed on Facebook
  2. Message feature helps you to send private message to any of the user on Facebook and even you can read them on this app.
  3.  Event feature is also available, this is social utility that helps you connect people with friends and people, who work, study and live around them and join in any event organised by them or you can start up your own event.
  4. Friends option you can look who all your friends are and browse through them directly on their wall and check out their latest posts and updates
  5. If you drag to right side in the software you have the chat option where you can see the friends who are online and even there is option of favourite where you can add friends in that tab and only the selected friends would show up there enabling you to see whether they online or not rather than all the others friends
  6. The main screen has the time line and show’s update of all your friends and the screen keep on updating with latest updates
  7. The overall performance of the app is faster and you can go to settings and change them as per your requirements.


The Facebook messenger app in Nokia X series is very user-friendly with all the features that are available on the Facebook desktop website thus enabling you to easily access your Facebook account from your cell phone and thus making your social connectivity with your friend better and thus giving you experience similar to your website.

Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home APK download for Nokia X, X+ and XL
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