Nokia X restarts on its own


Nokia X is a new Android based smart phone launched by Nokia Company. Though this is a very nice smart phone but the sometimes it restarts on its own. If you are also facing the same problem then you might need to follow few steps to get rid of this problem. These are just simple and basic steps which will make your Nokia X phone work like new. Here are some important steps that can be followed and can prove to be highly beneficial for your Nokia X smart phone.

Follow some basic steps

The initial basic steps include removing of battery and memory card from the smart phone and then out it back and then restart the phone. Chances are that the problem will be solved but if the problem still exists you may need to go for some other alternative.

You can also update the latest software by pressing *#0000#. When you press this code the screen will get a prompt that the installation for the latest software is available. You can tap on ok and the installation process will start. After the installation process is over you need to restart the phone and you will see that the problem is solved.

Nokia X

Always make sure that too much app is not running in the background

There are many times when there is too much app which keeps on running in the background. As a result the smart phone hangs and restarts. The ideal option is to use only one or two apps at a time. If you are not using these apps just exit out of them and you will see that the smart phone will work in a smooth way.

Another option that can be tried is to format the memory card if it is overloaded. You can backup your important data on your computer with the help of data cable or Bluetooth and then format the card. In order to format the memory card you need go to memory settings and then press format memory card.

You can also restore your phone settings

By restoring your phone settings you can make your Nokia X smart phone in perfect working conditions. There are two ways with which you can reset your phone. The first one is called as hard reset and the second one is called as soft reset.

This problem can also occur if there is a virus inside the phone and hence in order to get rid of the virus you need to install a good anti-virus in your smart phone and then get the entire phone scanned properly. The virus will be detected and then you can delete the virus. Always restart your phone after running the anti-virus and you will see that your problem will be solved.

Hence by following all of the above mentioned useful points you can easily solve your Nokia X restarting problem and moreover it is always good to clean up your mobile for fast and smooth processing.