Nokia Lumia 525 unable to start, won’t boot, showing black screen


Nokia, we all are aware off is a very well-known company when it comes to cell phones. Nokia is till date launched many successful cell phones in smartphone industry and its continuing doing it. Nokia has successfully launched many Windows supporting smartphones. Nokia Lumia 525 is smart, well upgraded, windows based phone with exclusive music and mapping services available. It’s one of the best budget phones available in market when compared with the features its offering. Being such successful phone Nokia Lumia 525 is facing some problems, the users are complaining regarding the poor performance about the phone. The users are facing problems like the phone won’t start or even reboot and even screen blacks out at times. All this problems are unacceptable by users.

Nokia lumia 525

Nokia smartphones are being purchased all around the world and so does the complaints are coming from all around the world, there are many same complaints from many users. The users are complaining that at time even when the press the power button the wont start, even they wait for a long time expecting the phone to start but it won’t, so they have to try several times and then only it would start. This is very tiring and mostly irritating at times. The users have even complained problems like Lumia 525 would be showing plenty of battery but overnight the battery dies out or when the phone is on charging and it indicates it’s fully charged and you unplug it and start using it later on battery turns down drastically. This may be a software issue but it needs to be fixed. Users have also faced problems like if they switch off the phone and keep it in charging and when charged unplugged form charging the phone won’t boot until trying many times. The

users have also come across the problem of deadlock screen. The phone at many times gets hung up and then even may be there is a black screen and you can’t do a thing as you can’t see a thing, but the phone might be functioning in the back but you can’t see it. To check it out you can try calling yourself from other cell. Many users are complaining regarding this type of problems of Nokia forums too.

Following are the certain solutions to all this problems:-

1. If phone is complete dead you can try is restarting your cell phone. If it won’t restart wait for some time and then restart it. You can try other method of restarting your phone by pressing Volume Down + Power key button.

2. IF this method restart also does not work there is option of hard reboot or reset which would bring your phone in reset mode. This can be done by using Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key + Volume Down keys. Now as the cell phone resets it would go under Factory settings.

3. Problem of automatic reboot is usually due to over usage which makes your cell phone very hot. So the solution here is let your phone cool down at times and you won’t face this problem anymore. Sometimes if possible it’s better to manually turn off your cell phone once in a day and let it be cooled down off for about 5 – 10 minutes and then turn it on again and use it.

4. Sometimes the problem can be hardware related like a loose battery and so connection is not made so check out your cell phone battery properly.

5. Sometimes the battery is completed dried out so let it charge for a way longer time than your normal charging it might work.

6. The phone won’t start up and only display windows phone and its looping during start up this problem may be because you inserted new memory card and it’s not supporting your phone try removing it and then reboot your phone it would work.

7. YOU can manually even soft reset your Nokia Lumia 525.follow this steps settings –> About Section –> Reset Phone. Make sure that your cell phone is n t under charging or do not even take out battery during this procedure or it won’t work.

8. Check out your power button because if it’s loose the phone gets turned off automatically with a slight push.


If you are the owner of Nokia Lumia 525 and if this problems look any familiar try this all tricks stated and your problem can get solved and if doesn’t than I would suggest you to go to your nearest Nokia Service centre. And if you not facing any of these problems well you enjoy using your Nokia Lumia 525 smartphone.