Nokia Lumia 525 Battery problem, drain frequently, how to save charge


Nokia we all are well aware of is one of the best developers of smartphones in the world. Nokia has successfully developed many smartphones till date. Nokia Lumia 525 is a well featured smartphone which is Windows based, with 4 inch super-sensitive screen, it works fantastic and it comes in a very affordable price range. Windows based have better battery life when compared to Android based smartphones. The Nokia Lumia 525 have a removable lithium ion battery packs with 5.3 watt-hours and 1,430 mAh, which is less compared to many other phones out there. But the users are recently complaining that their battery dies out early in Nokia Lumia 525. Battery life is the only one most important thing in any smartphone.

Nokia lumia 525

If you facing a problem of battery life on your Nokia Lumia 525 you should definitely complete reading this article and yes I am going to tell you about all the steps you should consider doing in order to increase your battery life.

1. Always charge your phone smartly dona��t remove it from charging unless ita��s fully charged.

2. There is a feature of a�?battery savera�? on Nokia Lumia 525 use it, it would automatically help you save charge when the phone charges is about to turn low. In order to activate this feature go to setting and there go in Battery saver option.

3. Always set the screen timeout at a short time.

4. Adjust the brightness go to settings and change it from the automatic and set the brightness level to low level.

5. Make a point to mute all the unnecessary sounds. Like example you can mute sounds such as key press sounds. If your phone is set to ringing mode, then you can try turning down the volume a few notches and same you can do for message ringtones.

6. Make use of headphones more rather than loudspeaker, use loudspeaker selectively.

7. Make sure to switch off the Bluetooth when not needed. And same goes for WI-FI because they consume more battery. IF you using Wi-Fi at your home or at work which is already saved it will be more battery efficient to stop your cell phone from scanning for any other new networks .So you can go to advanced settings in Wi-Fi and uncheck the option that says a�?Notify me when new networks are found.a�? .

8. There is option of account and sync in setting you can turn off that feature this feature saves up a lot off battery but you want get any notifications of the accounts in there like your any mail account you been accessing on your cell phone. If you that cannot be done, than you can do is reduce the time span from 30min to 1hour for mails notifications.

9. Now if you using your phone to just listen music or any other features apart from receiving calls or messaging that you should turn your cell phone to flight mode. This can be going to settings and then click on data and networks and click on airplane mode.

10. Always make a point to close the apps you are not using and are on in background unknowingly.

11. There is an option of double tap to wake on your Nokia Lumia 525 which turns on the display screen when you double o the screen, you can in activate this feature if you not using it as this consumes more battery than normal on screen option.

12. Nokia Lumia 525 has feature to upload your games scores and achievements on x-box live, if you dona��t care about this you should disable this feature on you cell phone. Same goes for x-box Music if you not using this feature disable this too.


This are the tips which if used can help you save a lot of charge and extend battery life of your Nokia Lumia 525. Make a point of using them every now and then possible. And enjoy your extended battery life.