New breed of Smartphonea��s will be coming with theft protection


All the Smartphone manufactures like Apple, Google, Samsung, etc has agreed upon a commitment of developing anti theft features on Smartphonea��s. They have committed that all the Smartphonea��s coming after July 2015 installed on them. This feature is being called as a�?Kill Switcha�? allowing users to erase everything on it and lock the Smartphone so that it cannot be used again. But unfortunately law officials wanted something more advanced and secure. They wanted an application which can disable a stolen Smartphone automatically and comes automatically activated on every Smartphone so that users dona��t need to interact with it too much.



The law officials presented a Smartphone theft statistics before the developers and said that In the year 2012 around 1.6 million Smartphonea��s were stolen. They also mentioned that this crime is increasing day by day in all major cities of U.S.A like New York, San Francisco, etc. Latter on this voluntary commitment was eagerly signed by some Smartphone manufacturers like Apple Samsung and rest of the major developers. The CITA wireless industry group present Steve Largent latter on committed that there should be some uncommon theft protection softwarea��s available to users according to need. There shouldna��t be some common Software which could be accessed by hackers. The introduction of Government law and security mixed with Software would threaten the thieves and hackers to manipulate any Anti theft Software. The major Smartphone industries at firstly doesna��t appreciated the idea of this extra added security and were trying to oppose but latter on the law officials behave strict about security and no left no choice for the developers. The opposition from developers was seen because this feature will shut down the profiting policies from insurance of Smartphonea��s.

The developers arena��t still keen on promoting this step forward. This was said by San Francisco Attorney General and New York Attorney General. They further added that this step voluntary commitment was a great move but the features proposed by industry arena��t that good for security to the level that they wanted. The again urged CTIA members to develop Anti theft features by default in Smartphonea��s which will not be dependent on user action. A recent insurance profiting of industry was conducted which showed that 2.5 billion USD could be saved each year by users if they will be provided with this anti theft feature. The people of U.S should fully support their law makers and force the developers to look for their security other than concentrating on their profit margins. This feature should be turned on as soon as possible because this is the only feature that can get us rid of various Smartphone thieves. Currently steeling a Smartphone has became as easy as steeling a candy from kids hands. Thus therea��s high need of this software for the protection build up. However we are unknown whether it will be make accessible for rest of the countries or this security is for U.S only. The rest of the countries law officials should hurriedly get together in promoting this commitment.