Motorola Moto G won’t boot, unable to start, dead or black screen


Motorola’s have manufactured many of the well-known smartphones from past many years with different specifications in different price range. But todays is a very competitive smartphone industry every now and then companies are launching new smartphones with better features. Motorola is back with its latest smartphone known as Motorola Moto G with latest android version 4.4 i.e. kitkat. The price range is less compared to other smartphones that promising the same features like Motorola Moto G .This smartphone is a huge success globally as it’s the best budget smartphone. But recently it’s been complaints about the phones performance. The complaints are regarding that the Motorola Moto G wont boot. It’s even unable to start. Sometimes dead or shows black screen.

Moto G

The proud owners of Motorola Moto G are coming up with much kind of problems. Users are having trouble with the Moto G screen freezing at times and then the phone reboots automatically, this happens sometimes when the screen is in lock or off. The users are facing problems like the phone would show plenty of battery but overnight the battery dies or while plugging in charging it when shows fully charged but later on battery turns down drastically. This may be a software issue need to be fixed. Some users have complained that when they try to start the camera on their Motorola Moto G the camera is on and suddenly the screen goes black or dead and smartphone then requires reboot. Some are also facing problems like when the Motorola Moto G is connected for charging the phone wont charge at all instead it would turn off the reason behind may be bad USB cable as Motorola Moto G is shipped without a charger to reduce the product cost only standard USB chord is being provided with phone and you can plug it in charger you have. For some of the users they switch off

the Motorola Moto G and plug for charging and when it’s fully charged the cell phone does not boot until many tries. Many users have also faced problems like the phone would only start or reboot if they keep pressing the power button for very long time. There are also complains regarding the LED notification light it won’t glow or turn on even after they have received sms or emails or any other notifications. It seems that there doesn’t appear to be any particular pattern that could prove why all this problems are happening in Motorola Moto G. There are many solutions given by various users claiming that follow this steps so these problem may be would get solved but now of this is legit and they themselves claim that they give no guarantee to any damage caused during following their steps. SO I suggest to avoid trying all this techniques and if you try its own your own risk.


IF you are owner of Motorola Moto G, you not facing this problems its good news for you. But if you facing these problems I suggest you to go the nearest service centre and explain them what all problems you facing and get it solved.