Motorola Moto E vs. Asus Zenfone 4 full comparison


Moto E is presently the most amazingly featured mid range Smartphone with attractive price tag. It was unveiled by Motorola in May 2014 and put forth for market in the same month. This gained a huge fame and fans from all over the world because of its exceptional features hardly possible to be provided at this range. This Smartphone was mimicked by various emerging manufacturers like Micromax because of its popularity. On the other hand Asus Zenfone4 is also a mid ranger from Asus with quite attractive price and specifications. It was unveiled to the world in January 2014 and stated rolling out in May 2014. The most essential factor which we have to concentrate here is that whether Zenfone4 has got the spark to prove itself better than Moto E or will Moto E still continue to be the undisputed best mid range Smartphone. Here you will clearly get the answer which will be most favourable to you. So, leta��s step toward our analysis.

Motorola Moto E vs Asus Zenfone 4

1. Display Superiority:

Moto E flaunts a 4.3 inch capacitive display with resolution of 540*960 pixels and pixel density of 256ppi, while as Asus Zenfone4 comprises of a 4inch TFT display with resolution of 480*800 pixels and pixel density of 233ppi. Quite clearly Moto E has got a better display size as well as display quality. Smartphone experience will be much crispier and clearer in case of Moto E instead of Zenfon4 with just 49nch screen with low resolution.

2. Best Performer:

Moto E comes installed with Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 which is upgradable to Android v4.4.2. Zenfone4 comes preinstalled with Android v4.3 Jellybean which is also upgradable to the latest Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. This implies that both the Smartphonea��s have got equally up to date operating system at present. Moto E operates on Quad core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 processor and Adreno 302 for graphical assistance. Zenfone4 operates on dual core Intel atom processor also clocked at 1.2GHz. A powerVR GPU is provided for better graphical operations. Since the processing speeds of both the Smartphonea��s is same however Moto E is expected to function little more efficiently with its work load distributed among four cores instead of just two cores. Due to same speed this effect will be only lightly noticeable or will remain recessive. Besides this, both these Smartphonea��s have got 1GB of RAM for efficient multi tasking and better application support. This is very nice move from both developers.

3. Camera Clarity:A�

Moto E as well as Zenfone4 houses a 5MP camera with almost identical features like face detection, panorama, etc. However Zenfone4 can capture 1080p videos @30 fps. And Moto E can capture 480p videos @30fps too. Not much diversity is seen their primary camera. In case of Moto E no secondary shooter is present unexpectedly however Zenfone4 has got a VGA secondary camera for video calling. This is a step ahead of Moto E by Zenfone4 and will be surely beneficial for them.

4. Network and Connectivity:

Just like every other mid range Smartphone, both these Smartphonea��s are 3G enabled and include connectivity features which are Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS. The connectivity is never a deciding factor because ita��s identical for majority of Smartphonea��s whether high end or mid range Smartphone. These are the basic requirements to be an Android phone and this is going on since the release of 1st Android.

5. Storage:

Moto E comprises of 4GB internal storage and it is expandable up to 32GB via SD card.4GB is the basic storage capacity flaunted by most of the mid range Smartphonea��s. Zenfone4 has got 2 variants in which one has got 4GB storage while as other one houses 8GB internal storage and both the variants support SD card compatibility up to 64GB. You can choose one of the given variant according to your storage needs. Nothing special is seen here In case of Moto E but Zenfone4 has at least given you the choice to choose from two variants.

6. Running Period:

Moto E is packed with a 1980mAh battery giving 12h of talk time while as Zenfone4 has got 1200/1600mAh LI Po battery providing talk-time of 10h. In this aspect, both have got the close battery life but Moto E has indeed got the better battery backup as compared to Zenfone4. This is good for both but better for Moto E, Zenfone4 should have to increase its battery power knowing the need of battery when it comes to Android.

Looking at the different ads and cons of these two Smartphonea��s, we can say that Moto E is better in case of display, battery and a little ahead in processor. However Zenfone4 can be considered as a choice because at least it has got a secondary camera and the rest of the features are also good. For the people who want better display as well as back up than Zenfon4, they should go for Moto E, but for the people who enjoy video calling, Zenfone4 is the preferred choice, you would have to compromise a little in case of display quality however 10h battery backup and processor is good. The applications multitasking governed by RAM of a Smartphone are identical in both the cases so switching different applications will be smoother equally in both Smartphonea��s. Also both of these are up to date with the current version of Android which is exceptional for a Smartphone of this price to be getting regularly updated from the source.A� Moto E will be our recommended choice because of its better features as compared to Zenfone4 but the only pinching thing from it is being devoid of front camera. This can give better opportunity to Zenfone4 to be explored by the world.