Motorola Moto 360 vs. LG G Watch full head to head comparison


In the latest Google I/O 2014 conference held last month, along with Android L Google also showed off their launch of new Android wear operating System. This is actually the upgraded version of Android forked to make it perfect for wearables. The Android wear based Moto 360 was distributed among the lucky attendants of the conference. This is also the first step of Motorola towards wearable technology. In the mean time, LG also flagged of their 1st Android wear running Smart watch portrayed as LG G watch. LG G watch is available for order on Google Play in most of the countries but these are no details about the release of Moto 360. Both the wearables were introduced to the world by Google so ita��s expected that there will be a hard competition of specifications as well as sale between these two. Leta��s check out which one has got the best design and specifications to be announced as the better among the two.

Motorola Moto 360 vs LG G Watch

Moto 360: This first Smart watch from Motorola is designed in a unique circular style. According to its designers, they couldna��t find much more comfortable style for Smart watch. The Motorola chief while admiring their produced called it a truly modern time piece. It actually camouflages the design of a common watch when looked at a glance. However its features are great. Its screen dimensions due to its circular design are unknown yet. Most exciting feature which we came to know about this wearable is that it will be supporting Qi-wireless charging just like in Nexus 5. Besides this you can receive notifications from various social networking platforms, listen to music and answer phone calls. Moreover it features voice functioning technology by which you can set reminders about anything you want. Its battery backup roughly will be a few days on single charge and the home screen will feature stacks of Google Now cards as in Android L. These are the all reports about the specifications of Moto G.

LG G Watch: This Android wear concept Smart watch will feature a 1.6inch IPS display with screen resolution of 280*280pixels with IP67 rating of water and dust resistance. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at a speed of 1.2GHz will be present and will be coupled with a 512 MB RAM. For connectivity, Bluetooth v4.0 will be present. A 400mAh battery will be also present in this 63 gram Smart watch. It will be available in two colour options which include Black Titan and White Gold. However any 22mm strap can be incorporated in this wearable and enjoy it in your own style. The overall processing features along with Android Wear are looking delightful but the battery will get checked soon.

Both the wearablea��s are looking uniquely vibrant in their specifications but little less information is available about Moto 360. The LG G watch processing is mind blowing, now we have to watch the performance of Moto 360. It they could manage specification in this standard, their wireless charging will prove to be a great asset for them. So far both the Android wear running Smartphonea��s are ready to face the tough world.