Moto E freezing after installing Real Racing


Motorola recently in May 2014 release their low budget Android Kit Kat Smartphone with the qualities which are worth exploring. After its successful launch, rest of the developers like Micromax and Karbonn mimicked its configuration and developed Smartphonea��s in its competition. It has got vibrant and good looks and fits comfortably in hands. It runs on dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor clocked at a speed of 1.2 GHz and coupled with 1 GB of RAM.

Real Racing 3

Looking at the processing qualities of this Smartphone, it is obvious that it can run majority of heavy games without lag and recent reviews have confirmed the successful running of many most wanted gamea��s on this Smartphone without any problem. The 1GB of RAM also doesna��t need to be optimized much before starting a game because ita��s enough for this category. However some people are claiming that their Moto E is freezing after installing Real Racing which is highly unexpected and only a rare number of people have experienced this problem. The root cause of this can be either the bug present in their Smartphone or maybe problem in its processor which can easily be detected.

Below we will mention how you can detect it. The 2nd cause can be the RAM eat up by installing vast diversity of heavy applications. So far this has been the most dominant cause for lagging in any Smartphone. You should always keep a good amount of RAM freed in your Smartphone is you are a regular gamer or a gaming addict because this is what a game needs the most along with processor. It you will give it sufficient amount of space to execute, it will play very smoothly. However if you can optimize your applications then keeping a good task killer cum RAM cleaner is must for you to ensure your Smartphone wont blur in performance.

Even after going through these measures your gaming performance wona��t increase in Moto E then you are surely in trouble. You should quickly consult the nearest Motorola store for bringing this problem in notice. This is because the overall gaming performance has been found good for the rest of Moto E models and only few are suffering. They will give you complete satisfactory solution to your Smartphone. You must not root your Moto E before consulting the developers and if they found everything good, then you can try rooting your Moto E and see if it helps. However, there is minimum probability of a Smartphone getting recovered from a gaming problem via rooting; it can only enhance superficial features so carefully choose your path before walking on it.