More than 5 things you can do with smartphone bluetooth


You might be aware that Bluetooth is used for hearing calls or hearing music but here we will discuss some more features of Bluetooth . Now a days every Smartphone and laptop are provided with inbuilt Bluetooth support and this helps in establishing wireless connection for communication.

There are simple way to connect with Bluetooth, all you have to do is search for the devices and pair them to establish a connection. Some of the uses of Bluetooth are as follow.

Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Mobile Devices and Computers

You can connect or pair a Smartphone or tablet with the help of Bluetooth support and this will help you to transfer of files and data. All you have to do pair your Bluetooth enabled device and communicate effectively. You can send files from your phone to a laptop and from laptop to your phone; this is really useful if you do not want to get connected with USB.

You need to put your device to discoverable mode and pair the device as the pairing is one time procedure so get it done and get connected with two devices by means of Bluetooth.

Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Computers

If you need to connect two computers or laptop then also you can make use of Bluetooth. You can do same with the two computers, send and receive the file wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth connection. You do not need to connect your computer with the USB to transfer the files, all you have to do is just pair your device after discovering the device establish the connection and start the transfer.

Tether a Computer to a Smartphone

You might be very friendly with the term tethering, if no then I would like to tell that Tethering is the network connection with devices, which connects your device with another device through the connection of that device. This method is used to connect to another device for accessing the internet of that device. You can say that other device turns into a Wi-Fi and you can access that Wi-Fi network on to your device. You can also make use of Bluetooth for the internet access and it is much more reliable and consumes less power than Wi-Fi.

Connect hardware wirelessly

With the help of Bluetooth you can connect a number of devices to the Smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can get many devices which can be connected with the help of Bluetooth like of Headset, Audio devices, Mouse, Keyboard and Game pad.

You can get the Bluetooth device from the market which is really affordable but you need to have Bluetooth hardware support on your device and get connected wirelessly with Bluetooth.