Mobile security app for Xiaomi Mi3


Xiaomi Mi 3 is the latest sensational high end Chinese Smartphone with attractive features available at price tag of about 15k released 1st time for the Indian market. This Smartphone houses a 5.0inch LCD display, 2GB RAM, and 16 / 32GB internal storage, 13MP camera, 2.3GHZ processor and much more exciting features at this price are flaunted by this Smartphone. This price tag is actually too low for such a high specification Smartphone even able to take over Galaxy S5. The alarming increase of hackers, bugs and viruses have been increased proportionally in accordance to the growing technology, so a security application is a basic need for every Smartphone especially high end ones to protect your valuable data and prevent damage of Smartphone. This need even increases more when it comes to Chinese markets because they are more likely to get bugs and viruses because of its low cost and material compromising.A� So, keeping a security application in your Xiaomi Mi 3 is must. But how will you know which security application to choose.

Xiaomi MI3

Ita��s quite simple, you should choose an application which provides an all-round protection which keeps track of viruses as well as keeps your Smartphone clean from junk material which are two basic obligatory features. There are security applications out there which provide you these features as well as provide you certain other essential services which keep your Smartphone secure as well as light in the sense that you dona��t have to install different applications for different features when all are integrated in one. 360 security_ Antivirus Free is the one which provides you all these services 24*7 free of cost and thus this is our recommended choice. The word free of cost is real because they dona��t even show up ads in your Smartphone while others do. This application gives you protection from wide range of Smartphone diseases which include malwares, junk files, system vulnerabilities, viruses, etc.

You can perform virus scan, vulnerability scan, trash scan and security checkups with this application anytime you want. By using its phone cleaner, you can clean up all the junk files from your Smartphone and secure a good amount of storage. This application is battery friendly providing you battery saver optionsA� like one tap history clean up and auto cleaner mode. It is incorporated with Call and SMS blocker also to make you attend only what you want to.A� An App manager is also present keeping your applications efficiently and keeps you updated to latest featured updates and applications. A fully fledged anti theft system is also available in this application. There are many more exciting features available in this security application like Data monitor, vault, contacts back up, real time protection, privacy advisor,A� floating window, multi functional notification, shake and clean up, much more to explore. This application thus is the most extensively all round protection provider recommended for your Xiaomi. This is also recommended for rest of the Android owners if they want to stay out of danger all the time and enjoy these outstanding services.