Microsoft Windows phone updates will support different accent


The new windows 8.1 update is expected to be launched in coming fortnight. This new update will be launched with different support names across different continents. Across UK and China this new update will be called as beta support version Cortana and across India, Canada and Australia it will be called as alpha support version Cortana. One of the most interesting and exciting feature about this new update is that it will support different accent. Let us try to find more about this new launch and what more can be expected.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

This is being seen as competition to Google now and Siri

This new update is a clear cut competition to Google Now and Siri. Another best part about this new 8.1 update is that Chinese users will also be able to get alerts regarding driving restrictions and air quality of the particular area.

Moreover Chinese people will also be able to learn more about English vocabulary and 8.1 supports Mandarin. China which is seen as one of the biggest market for smart phones holds great amount of potential for Microsoft.

UK users will be able to use this update as per their local accent as Cortana supports British pronunciations and spellings. As far as Microsoft is concerned UK is one of the largest markets after US and this is the reason the company is giving so many new options to UK users.

Expect amazing language scenarios and hands-free options

For US market Cortana will offer snooze time as well as amazing language scenarios. Moreover users will also be able to connect Cortana with the Bluetooth inside the car and can be used in a hands-free mode.

With so many amazing features and smart capabilities Cortana seems to be one of the highly advanced virtual assistants. As more and more people are switching over to smart phones it seems that the demand for such virtual assistants will rise in the coming years.

Moreover with such amazing launch it seems that Microsoft is trying to compete with Apple and Google and with Cortana it is clear that the efforts are going into right direction.

Another most interesting feature that is expected is related to forwarding and deletion of messages when connected with Wi-Fi networks.

Apart from all of these amazing above mentioned features Windows 8.1 will also come up with separate apps corner and the start screen is all set to become more neat and clean. The launch is expected to happen during anytime in next fortnight and many tech analysts are eagerly wating for its launch.