Microsoft Lumia 540 showing black screen, dead, wont turn on

Lumia 540 showing black screen


Sometimes you may face problems with your Lumia 540 showing black screen that won’t turn on. So, you need to know the possible options using which you can get familiar with a solution restoring the normal screen. In this respect, you can even consult with an expert who can reveal manifold useful tricks that would make the process easier to get back to the usual screen functioning perfectly. Make sure you are able to carry out the system in the right way without which it would become difficult to manage a good solution. Therefore, get familiar with the features first that would help you to get the method done successfully.

Microsoft Lumia 540

Lumia 540 showing black screen, dead, wont turn on

Tricks to Follow

Here are given the major points that would aid you to get back to the normal condition of the Lumia 540 screen:

  • First, restart your cell phone and if it doesn’t then wait for some time. Then again restart your phone and you see whether it’s working fine. Another way to restart your phone is pressing the volume down key and the power key together that may work as the effective way.
  • If this restart technique doesn’t work then you can go for the hard reboot option where the handset would get rebooted restoring the normal function. Here you need to press the volume down key+ volume up key+ power key+ volume down keys. Finally, your mobile would go under factory settings along with the reset options.
  • Automatic reboot usually happens when your phone gets overused. It takes place due to excessive heating of the mobile and such reboot process is done to cool down the temperature bringing it to the normal one. If possible it’s better to witch off the phone manually and keep it for about 5-10 minutes until it gets cooled down. This would help you to avoid any unexpected issues for your Lumia 540.Then you again turn it on and can enjoy better functionalities that you make you feel confident.
  • The problem may even arise due to a hardware malfunction such as loose battery connection. Hence, it’s your responsibility to check the connection ensuring that the problem doesn’t continue further.
  • Don’t forget to check the power button, as it’s loose connection would lead to get the phone automatically switched off followed by a slight push.

Overall, these are the steps you can try out in order to get the back the phone to its normal function.