Micromax Canvas Turbo shutdown on its own issue solved


Canvas Turbo is one of the latest smart phones launched by Micromax Company. Though it is a nice smart phone but few users have complained about auto-shutdown problem. This problem normally occurs when there is some issue with the smart phonea��s firmware or people try to load too many apps on their smart phone. Hence you need to make sure that best solution is adopted so that the problem gets rectified completely Let us try to find more about this issue and what all can be done in order to solve this issue.

Micromax Canvas Turbo A250

Try rooting your Micromax Canvas Turbo Smart phone

One of the best solutions that can be applied for this problem is to opt for rooting of your smart phone device. You can easily find an online rooting tutorial and by following all the steps mentioned in the tutorial you can easily root your device and chances are that this auto shutdown problem will be solved.

Few users have got their problem solved by hard reboot

There were many users who have got this auto shutdown problem solved by opting for hard reboot. In order to do hard reboot of your smart phone you need to press menu button, volume button and green button all at the same time for few seconds. The smart phone will automatically restart and you will see that the auto shutdown problem is completely solved.

Try getting the smart phonea��s firmware checked and reinstalled from smart phone vendor

If any of the above mentioned steps doesna��t work then consider getting your smart phonea��s firmware checked and reinstalled from the smart phone vendor. However you need to make sure that all of the important data and files are backed up so that if data loss happens you can retrieve the valuable data later from backup source.

Try replacing the charger of your smart phone

In few cases this step has also worked pretty well. All you need to do is to replace the charger of your smart phone. Sometimes the original charger given with the smart phone causes this problem. You can easily get a new charger from market or on trail basis try to borrow the charger from your friend or nearest shop for checking.

Hence by following all of the important steps you can easily solve the auto shutdown problem of your smart phone. There are complete chances that the problem will be rectified, however in rare cases the problem might stay and in that case you need to get your smart phone checked from authorized service center for in-depth check-up and necessary action.