How the malware and viruses enter in your android device? Solved!


The word malware is a short form of malicious software, ita��s a kind of software that gets installed on your Android phone or tablet and is used to interrupt and affect its operation, take sensitive information, access to private data, steal passwords, check browser history, get access to other device connected to a network and record calls. All these information is then sent to untrusted or third parties.

Android Virus Malware

How the malware and viruses enter in your Android phones or tablets?

Nowadays different companies and developers offer free of cost applications for your android phones that are available in Google play store and others websites. These companies generate the revenue for their application by displaying different types of ads on their apps. The application that is free is not 100% trustworthy. They sometimes contain different virusa��s code that enters and harm your device.

From 2012, there are some well-known applications like wallpaper dragon ball, different wallpaper apps and games like finger hockey and subway surfer free tips. These apps enter and steal confidential information and send it to third parties.

Steps to protect yourself from malware that enters your android device or tablets:

Step 1:

All the malware and viruses enter in the device through different software, so, to protect yourself do not install applications on your device other than Google play store.

Step 2:

For more security always allow installations from trusted and verified sources only. Because of this, your device will never install the application which is harmful.

Step 3:

If u are installing application other than Google play store then before downloading it check its review and rating and comments of people because it will help you protect from malware software.

Steps to remove virus or malware from android phone or tablets:

If u face some problem and you come to know that your phone is infected by a malware or virus then ask few questions from yourself:

  1. Has the problem started after downloading some apps?
  2. Have you recently installed an application other than Google play store?
  3. Do you click or open some ads?
  4. Does the problem occur in by running some installed applications?

If u have done any of the above problems experienced, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Stop all the recently used applications in your device. To stop all the applications double tab or press the home button and cancel all the running apps.

Step 2:

Close all the running application from application manager.

Go to Apps > Settings > Application Manager > Force stop.

Step 3:

Uninstall that application which you have recently installed in your device by following:

Apps > Settings > Application Manager > Uninstall.

Step 4:

After this, run your antimalware or antivirus application. Different types of antivirus or antimalware are Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, Avast, Pandora etc.

Step 5:

If all the above steps are not working and failed to remove a malware from your device then use the final step that is a�?factory restore or factory data reseta�?. This option will delete all the files and data in the device.

To protect your precious data, take a backup of all of the data and then follow these steps:

Apps > Settings > Backup and Reset > Restore Factory Settings/ Factory Reset.