LG Google Nexus 5 Dead, won’t turn on, not working, black screen


LG Google Nexus 5 is a huge success. It’s a well-featured fantastic smartphone. IT has snapdragon 800 processor witch a full HD screen display, excellent camera features and it supports android latest 4.4 KitKat which has many new and exciting features. Nexus 5 is like the best that Google has to offer right now and on very affordable price range when compared to other smartphones in market with likely features to LG Google Nexus 5. Recently lots of complains are coming from the users regarding the performance of LG Google Nexus 5. These complain are like the phone won’t turn on. The phone might not work at times and even problem of black screen.

LG Google Nexus 5

LG Google Nexus 5 is a worldwide success and is being purchased all around the world the complaints are coming from all around the world regarding certain performance problems. The users complaining that on an on-going call, the cell phone might hang up and then suddenly would turn off by itself, this same happens at many other times like while playing a game the cell phone might hang up and just turn to dead, total turn off and then the cell phone won’t even turn back on. The users are complaining that the cell phone won’t turn on at times even after pressing power button for long time and they need to repeat the same for many times and then the cell phone would start. Even users are complaining that even when phone is fully charged and they try to turn it on it won’t turn on. Users are claiming that they have noticed plenty of battery on their LG Google Nexus 5 and the cell suddenly would get turn off and when they try to on it back on it won’t turn on and when the plug the cell phone on charging, it won’t even start charging. Many users are complaining regarding this type of problems on Google forums too. Users are facing problems like suddenly the screen would go black or dead and then the cell phone requires reboot but sometimes what’s really happening is that your phone is actually on and it’s functioning

behind the back screen but we can’t see a thing so we can’t do a thing you can even check this by trying to call from other cell phone.

Following are the certain solution to all this problems:-

1. IF your cell phone is dead one of the easiest thing is to do is try restarting your cell phone. IF it does not work remove the battery from your cell phone wait for few minutes put it back and then again try restarting your cell phone.

2. For black screen and again and again hang up you can do is manually reset your phone. TO do this go to settings –> Backup and reset, and make sure you have clicked on the option to gain backup of your data to Google so you can automatically restore the data when you log in to again with your Google account, many of your applications should automatically get re install, along with their data.

3. To charge a dead cell phone follow this steps-

A. Plug in your dead LG Google Nexus 5 to your wall charger and then immediately after plugging it in press Volume Down key and Power key at the same time.

B. You would enter in Boot loader menu and then press the Volume down key until it shows “Power off Device.”

C. Now your cell phone would turn off, unplug the charger and then again plug it back on your cell phone. Now you would see the battery meter display on your cell phone with your cell phone returning back to life.

4. Check out your power button because if it’s loose the phone gets turned off automatically with a slight push.

5. Sometimes the problem can be hardware related like a loose battery and so connection is not made so check out your cell phone battery properly.

6. Problem of automatic reboot is usually due to over usage which makes your cell phone very hot. So the solution here is let your phone cool down at times and you won’t face this problem anymore.


LG Google Nexus 5 is having this types of complains from its users recently and if you too are facing the same try the above tricks and may be your problems would be solved. And if still I does not I suggest you to go to your nearest service centre and get it solves as soon as possible.