LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery life


As you all know both LG G3 and Galaxy Note 3 are currently the most excellent Smartphonea��s from both LG and Samsung. These are the higher most options to give you by both these companies. So, ita��s obvious that they have embedded everything in their unsurpassed variety to develop these Smartphonea��s. Also both these Smartphonea��s flaunt high end features which are almost colliding, so here we will take their battery backup into consideration and make it clear that which one will perform for longer period of time.

Battery Life

As far as LG G3 is concerned, it is packed with a Li-ion 3000mAh battery providing talk time of 11 hours on 2G. Whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is packed with much more powerful Li-ion 3200mAh battery providing talk time of up to 9hours on 2G. Here you can see that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has got little better battery power than LG G3. But there are many other factors which determine the battery drainage time e.g. the bigger the screen of Smartphone, greater will be the drainage of its battery, the greater the number of cores greater will be battery usage. So leta��s go through their specification factors which govern the battery backup of Smartphone.

LG G3 flaunts a 5.5inch IPS LCD display having resolution of 1440*2560pixels and Galaxy Note 3 packs a 5.7inch Super AMOLED display with resolution of 1080*1920pixels. Further Samsung Galaxy Note 3 runs on a Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz. LG G3 on the other hand runs on a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at a speed of 2.5GHz. This might be astonishing for you to know that LG has smartly optimised ita��s Smartphone features accordingly with it battery but unfortunately Samsung has got a little trouble in it. The screen optimisation from LG and processor efficiency is worth admiring. Besides producing a better processing speed it has also managed to give a fair day of battery backup.

However Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has also got averagely good battery backup as compared to rest of the Smartphonea��s and is also a good runner crafted perfectly, so it cana��t also be neglected. Thus taken into consideration, the fame of both these Smartphonea��s as well as their Specifications, LG G3 will be our recommended choice but Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can also be perfect for you if you see it with the eyes of fame and glamour as well as design and size. For that we wona��t let you suffer with browsing problem, so we recommend you to use few tips on Galaxy Note 3 which are as under.

1. Keep screen brightness level at minimum.

2. Keep you screen time out as short as possible.

3. Install some genuine task killer cum battery saver Software.

Hope you get benefited from our analysis and these tips can also be used by LG G3 and rest of Smartphone users if they want to maximise their battery backup.