LG G2 slows, freezes, turns off or restart unexpectedly


With lot of smartphones in the market, companies are now parading some of the best top-notch phones with some top-notch specification. One such company is LG after the release of LG G2 Company has sealed its position with giants in the smartphone market. LG G2 one of the best loaded phone with great features and lots more. Recent updates states that many phones have felt experienced unexpected issues in the phone. A 40k phone having performance issues like unexpected turn off, freezing application, error message display, unable to install & update application & dipping speed does not goes down well with customers opting for such a high price phone.


Various steps can solve the performance issues of LG G2:

1. Clear application cache

Most of these smartphones are loaded with large number of application also many are user-downloaded application. These applications are always running in background unless terminated properly, also all these application generate cache which is the major cause of dipping in the speed. Clearing cache does not change any system settings also, it doesna��t affect your data. Steps to clear cache been showed.

System settings>>application>>select the particular application>>clear cache.

2. Close or uninstall some unwanted application

All these smart phones are loaded with large number of unused software, which can also be the reason to drag down your smartphone performance as all these application occupies the system memory. Steps to uninstall

System settings>>application>>select the particular application>>Uninstall.

3. Install ram manager & antivirus

Installing a ram manager to your system is a very good practice it will help you clear cache and other system related unwanted data it also clears the background application thus for those who dona��t like these geek stuff can install this. Now many antivirus software comes with pre-installed ram manager. These applications can be helpful to clear the RAM and the virus. By installing these some of data may be deleted but it can be avoided after the scan.

4. Soft Reset

Soft reset means restarting your device. It is one of the most important step, which executed twice or thrice a week can help the device a lot to manage and maintain the performance it will also avoid the efforts of executing first two steps.

5. Update device firmware

Many a times user do not know whether their phones have received any updates or not constantly checking the update menu is a good practice. Especially in LG G2 the Jellybean version was considerably, slow then the kitkat version. Updating your device firmware software will help in increase performance, speed and device stability. Updating your device will not hinder any application or data but it is better to have a backup of this stuff for safety. To perform these update just follow the steps settings>>about device>>software update. Many phones have an auto update feature, which can be activated when in the range of Wi-Fi.