Lenovo K3 note dead, wona��t start showing black screen and unable to boot


When Lenovo K3 Note devices were introduced into the market, the company made about 50,000 sales in only just 5 seconds. This caused resentment from buyers who were unable to get the phone until after a few weeks of waiting. The main cause of this was due to the brilliant features which make up this phone. This will range from the powerful processor to the connectivity aspect of this phone. This phone at times; though not always, is faced with the challenge of it appearing dead in the sense that it wona��t start, unable to boot and shows a black screen. The following are some of the likely causes and also their likely fix.

Lenovo K3 Note k50-t5

If your Lenovo K3 note dead, wona��t start showing black screen and unable to boot then you may try this:

1. The battery

The battery powers the phone but at some times it is faced by challenges of either over heating or minor technical. This challenge is not only common in Lenovo K3 Note but in most phones. The best solution to this is to take off the battery for a couple of seconds, maybe 30 and then reinstall it. If this was the issue, your phone will start up normally.

2. Connected hardware

This includes SD card, headset or any other hardware which can be fixed to your Lenovo K3.The hardware might be faced with a defect and this can be the main reason why your phone is not starting up normally.

3. Sufficient power

The battery is the main source of your phone and at times it becomes completely depleted. These incidences will require you to let the battery to charge for a couple of minutes. You should use its original charger rather than using a USB cable as this limits the amount of charge going into the battery. You should also make sure your battery is working properly since if your battery has a defect it might be the cause of the problem.

4. Software

At times some software you install in your Lenovo K3 note might be the cause of the problem. Some softwares are incompatible or might contain malware which might be affecting the performance of your phone. You can try a soft reset; this is by holding the volume down and power button simultaneously. At times the soft reset night not be sufficient, you might be forced to start your phone in safe mode. Safe mode will basically allow you to operate your phone with only softwares which are essential for the running of your Lenovo K3 Note. Starting your phone in safe mode will give you a chance to uninstall the app which might be the cause of this problem. To start your devices in safe mode, hold the menu or the volume down button while you are turning on your devices.

5. Factory Hard reset

This is the last option if your phone is being faced with software challenges, to perform this you will have to hold the volume up and the power key while you are turning on your phone.

6. Physical damage

Physical damage might be the cause of your Lenovo not functioning in the right manners. Check if the screen appears to have cracks or any damage, open the back lid and check if there is a likely hood of water damage which might be the cause of the problem.

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