What do we know so far about Windows 10 for Smartphone’s?


Yes! Yes! Yes! You have heard it right. Microsoft is currently experimenting over the Windows 10 designed for PC’s and Smartphone’s and is expected to arrive in a short course of time. It has been reported that Microsoft has made 3 new updates for windows phone OS which includes the Cortana in WP 8.1, the second one being the update to tweak settings and processing support. These two updates are currently being rolled over different regions. The third update under assessment is the windows 10 itself about to bring the best in your Smart-phone.

Windows Phone 10

Windows 10 preview for Smartphones a brief glance

If you are willing to get you smartphone upgraded with windows 10 first release, you should definitely look at these essential factors before getting started.

  • The release of windows 10 being the developer preview is more likely to be attached with certain bugs and glitches so before upgrading you should ensure that whether its worth taking risk or not.
  • You should firstly upgrade your secondary windows device literally the one on which you rely less so that any potential problem will stay away from your main source of attention.
  • If you upgraded your windows OS, you can roll back the changes via the Microsoft Roll back tool.
  • It has been ensured that Nokia Cycan update will still roll over after upgrading windows OS of you smartphone adding a sigh of relief.

Windows 10 has been designed to give a better experience to a user by mostly improving the inbuilt features and applications. It comes with a universal richer and efficient Outlook mail box making windows phone users to give the best mailing experience. Now you can enjoy any email service like Gmail on your Lumia without any biasing between own and rival. Freshly tweaked gestures for emails are also good which includes swiping right and left for deleting and flagging emails. The synchronizing support is also going to be a brand new experience.

The inbuilt applications for calendar, maps, camera and photos have been doped up to a great extent. This new photo app brings all your photos whether captured, the cloud ones or the phone storage ones, in the single place. The Lumia Camera app for the Smartphone’s will be featuring a fast paced performance and the classic controls from Lumia 1020. Being confused with a variety of Map apps available Windows 10 will be offering a newly built Maps app for Smartphone’s however it will be still grounded with Nokia’s HERE Maps service. This application will be an all rounder app for Maps so that users don’t have to rely on third party ones.

Skype has always been the proud application for Microsoft; it’s also getting a warm welcome in windows 10 update, its being integrated with the native messaging application allowing you the easy Skype access on the go. However Microsoft has revealed that it should be clear that no other messaging app whether Whatsapp or any else will be integrated in Windows 10.

Despite maintaining the tight grip over UI rumours, it’s been out there that now the back ground images will be lying behind the tiles instead of stumbling upon them. This is definitely going to be cool update in UI looks. The keyboard text editing feature is also been upgraded allowing you to edit the text in much quicker and error free manner. You will be seeing the Spartan web browser in windows 10 instead of IE and touch version of office. These two applications are going to prove a great impact on the Microsoft sales and services. That’s all of the news we have been hearing about windows 10 and also the most comprehensive one.

For getting latest updates for your windows Smartphone you should keep visiting windows developer preview official website and register there as a developer. If you have got those coding skills, you can also develop applications and contribute in making windows OS a better place.