Is Xiaomi MI3 phone full of bugs: We got solutions and fixes for it


Xiaomi Mi3 a 3G supported Android smartphone housing a cool 5 inch screen and packing a monstrous 2.3 GHZ Qualcomm quad processor has lot more features then other in the same price category, it has attracted the customers from all over the world. Xiaomi MI3 phone is considered one of the slimmest and lightweight phones with top-notch specifications, which makes it a hot pick in the market. The most depressing news about this phone is coming in are the bugs. When such devices are found with bugs it becomes very hard for customers to trust the manufacturers and also how to get rid of those issue but not to worry we will possibly give you the solution for common problems faced by the device so that you can enjoy your device.

Xiaomi MI3

Lock mode issue

The device UI is quite flawless and works pretty well to the users touch. The major issued talked about is the Lock mode i.e. when MX player is running in the background and you press lock the button the device is locked but the major issue is unlocking it back is difficult. The video is still ON with all touch option of volume and brightness working but to unlock in the same scenario is difficult.


The problem is the MX player and devicea��s internal system that conflict and causes these problem then you can very well report this bug to the MX player and they will improve in the next update. If it still doesna��t work try another player like VLC or ES file-managera��s inbuilt player.

Display error
The device sometimes shows multiple white dots jumping around the screen thata��s because the software is assuming interrupts which means it is a hardware software conflict which causes this multiple dots.


Many users faced this problem, the company introduced a rom update, which had the solution to the problem. If the problem persists even after the upgrading your ROM, then we advice you to take it to the nearest service centre to get it checked

Autofocus bug in camera

The camera installed in Xiaomi is 13Mp which means awesome pictures can be clicked from Samsung S4 but thata��s not the case here the camera output is blurred .


The issue here is the camera inbuilt software that causes the problem the only solution to this is by installing a third party camera application like:

1. Google Camera App

2. Lenovo Super Camera App

3. Camera FV-5 App

4. ProCapture app

All this application are good and will give you the appropriate output.

These are the few bugs that we came across and have tried to suggest an alternative to this problem. In Case the problem persist we suggest you take the phone to nearest service centre and get it checked. Xiaomi has delivered an excellent phone from the price point of view but the bugs in the phone are a bit of concern, future iterations of the phone hopefully are bug free and still at the same price point/