After iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S what do you want to see in iPhone 6


We have been complaining a lot about Apple and them being the same redundant type ever since the launch of the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S. And we now think that it is about time that Apple stepped up their game a bit if they want to get more consumers and a bigger number of consumers under their base. For that they need to be innovative and it all starts from the basics. Again, there are many more aspects where Apple falls short in the iPhones and for that we have brought a list of all the things we want to see in the upcoming iPhone 6.

 Apple iPhone 6 rendered

Bigger Display:

It does not really make much sense to pay such a large amount of money for such a small display. Agreed that the display on the iPhone 5 series phones is the biggest of the lot on any iPhones till date but that does not sort the issue because the competition is so high that you can get 5” displays for 1/3rd the cost of the iPhone and also because people love big displays. We are not saying anything like 5-6” phablets, but at least an upgrade from the current 4 inches would be a big welcome step. Also with bigger displays means better screen resolution and we are at least expecting a Full HD 1080p if not the 2K or 4K one.

Better Design:

You have got to admit it; we are bored of the typical rectangular design with the only button in the bottom middle of the device. We have mentioned it way too many times in the past as well now that the designers at Apple need to pull their socks up and start getting a bit more creative to bring in some life to the device, else people will not really go for it since same never is a game. You can get some really attractive looking Android and Windows Phones for a much lesser cost and also those that look way stunning and we do not mean the Samsung co.

Flagship Specs:

We do not mean exactly a Snapdragon 800, 4 GB RAM and the works here because we are pretty aware that even with a Dual Core, iOS works perfectly like a charm, but a little more horsepower in the system will really not do any harm at all. It will only get rid of those small animation lags that might be taking place. Also multitasking can become a much better breeze with this. The little extra RAM can also allow for some more room for working much more seamlessly and also the boasting capability of the under the hood dough can never lose its shine. Also Apple now moving to the 64 bit architecture, getting in some new and stronger silicon is not going to do any harm.

Camera with OIS:

The camera on the iPhones are pretty good, no complaining about that, if compared to similar quality camera phones. Compare them to the top of the line Lumia or ever mid-range Lumia or Android devices, the Camera has pretty much lost its way somewhere around. Also the absence of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) hurts the image quality more, so with that present maybe a better MP camera like suppose something near to 16MP would be really cool. Though that seems a little too much to ask for, it never hurts to hope, right?

Bigger Battery:

Battery is always a concern nowadays with smartphone. Provide us with as big a batter and still at the end of the day, we are going to squeak about it being too less to use the device seamlessly for longer durations, especially those who need to travel. Also with unibody designs, replacing the battery is also impossible adding to the woes. So either an interchangeable battery or a bigger battery will be very much appreciated, though both present together would be just killer, but let’s stay a bit realistic owing to Apple’s reputation about such stuff.

Cheaper Cost:

How many of you dreamt of an Apple device and ended up with an Android or a Windows Phone? Most of us and that is because of the cost of it. As they say, the grapes you can’t have will always be sour and that is in fact really the case here with iPhones. Most of the population does not fit in the income group to actually afford an iPhone. Even if you try to get it in EMIs, still the cost runs up very high and in that very cost you can get two pretty good higher mid-range Android or Windows devices. So this is something Apple should think about if they want to have a good market presence in the 2nd and 3rd world countries.

Universal Accessories Compatibility:

This is one of the most complained and frustrating thing people have mentioned and that is the issues with non-compatibility with accessories. And it all starts with a Charger. Apple has provided a different charging pin for the iPhone even when the entire world has moved to the Universal accepted standard USB charging. This is really confusing because first of all it becomes a big problem if you somehow managed to not get your charger along and secondly if your charger happens to stop working. In that case you are literally screwed without your iPhone. And a phone that does not work is just like a big fat and a really expensive paperweight.

Expandable Storage:

We complained and everyone listened but Apple. We seriously don’t understand the reason behind not providing expandable storage options using Micro SDHC cards. Everyone else provides it, then why not Apple? This is the case with the iPads and also iPhones. Please Apple, we need expandable storage options because other than just storage space it also gives us options like easy swap and share data. Also just because you do provide upto 64 GB on board storage in devices and charge thousands extra for it, why not the consumer decide if he wants that much.

Plug N Play feature:

We do not like it that you make us use your iTunes for each and everything Apple, come on. We like it when we can just connect our phone via USB or Bluetooth and transfer all the required files and be done with it, but no. you make us first add everything to iTunes and then we need to sync the device with the iTunes for all the data to arrive. This is so not done and totally unfair and it would be better if you can fix this one and help us save time and energy with introducing the plug n play feature. Also please bring support to playing more file formats other than just “mp4”.

So here is our list of what we would like to see in the next edition of iPhone which we are guessing would be iPhone 6, but let’s wait for the official report for that. And as far as I think, I nailed the total list, but if you still feel I left or missed something out, then do feel free to comment below and I will make sure to try my best to get your voice to be heard by the people at Apple.

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