How to install Custom Vanilla Rom on Nokia X (Normandy)


Congratulations!!! Finally the most anticipated Nokia X has got its custom 1st ever custom ROM. Before installing custom ROM, It is very important to know you phonea��s interior architecture. Nokia X is operating on Nokia x software platform 1.0 which is actually forked version of android 4.1 developed on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).This Nokia X platform can run almost 75% android applications which was made possible only because of brilliant effort from Finnish software giant Nokia. Nokia x was lagging behind because of few drastic anomalies which could not be ignored .Like It had got no support from any of the services provided by Google. It could never have been possible to run Google play store or Hangouts on this forked version of android4.1.0. A giant leap from xda members made it possible to get complete Google services worked on Nokia X by creating its vanilla custom ROM.A senior member of xda called as dhacker29 designed a custom Android 4.1.2 ROM for nokia X .This firmware is actually build from code Aurora branch jb_rel_2.0.3.Most fascinating thing is that no problems have been detected till now after installing custom vanilla ROM .It has shown improvement in noise issues during voice call, better network and better application support.

Nokia X

Here We Go:

Follow the steps given below carefully to flash your nokia x stock ROM and install custom ROM on it:

Simply download all the softwarea��s given below from any source you like.
1 Data Package Manager 4.2
2 Nokia Care Suit
3 UserGroupsConfiguration (needs to be unzipped).

Before getting started please remove your sim card and sd card from your nokia X.

Open Nokia Care Suit and run Data Package Manager. Be careful at running Nokia Care Suit, if it fails to get authenticated then Select File>work Online>Ok.

People who have already downloaded custom ROM will need to transfer those files in c;/Program Data/Nokia/Packages/Products/RM-xxx(xxx will be your own product type).

Now you are ready to flash you Nokia X stock ROM:

Start Nokia Care Suit Software and open Product Support Tool for Store 5.0.Now choose Work Offline and remain in No Connection mode.

Go to Product Support Tool for Store 5.0 > File > Open Product.
Now choose your product by matching its product code (RM-xxx as illustrated earlier)

Now Go to Update List and choose the stock ROM which you have already downloaded and then click start.

This needs a lot of patience .Now you have to wait for sometime till the verification process is completed and flashing starts.

Dona��t worry if it misbehaves a little or shows error this is because the connection is lost at the time of flash start up.

Now plug in USB port into your PC.
Switch off your nokia x and simultaneously press volume down and power button and keep it pressed for a while (at least 15 seconds) till your phone vibrates .Release screen lock/power off button and after a while release volume down key also.

Connect your phone now with your PC through already plugged in USB.

It might again start misbehaving like showing error messages but dona��t worry you just need to simply change the USB port. While flashing your Nokia X this message might appeara�? you have chosen not assigned product for this device do you want to continuea�? Press OK.

Congratulations your Vanilla Android 4.1.0 Jellybean Nokia x is ready…..