How to install Custom Roms in Google Nexus 9 : Read Follow Execute


A new device was launched in October 2014 Nexus 9, talking about new the device is been developed by the two giants Htc and Google. With HTC’s manufacturing expertise and Google’s widely used OS Android the 8.9 inch device has been a rock star. Nexus 9 is one of the top phones that received Android lollipop the newer version of Android and with the new version; the device had some new features like newer notification banner, lock screen have been revised, interlocking applications, longer battery life and lots more.

HTC Google Nexus 9

Google Nexus 9 installations of custom Rom

Rooting a device and installing a custom Rom makes you take control of the device. With this ability, you can vary the clock speed of the processor thus making your device run faster, add various themes to improve your device look, upgrade OS on your same device and experience its features, add custom Rom, and unlock variety of other option. Today I will explain method to add custom Rom for Nexus 9 tablet that can be used only for this device and no other. Make sure you have rooted your device and if u havena��t read the article unlocking nexus 9 or else install root checker from android market free and check is your device rooted well. Rooting a device is not preferred or suggested by a company and thus your warranty will void once you root your device. Before rooting make sure, you take a backup of your data. Rooting wona��t harm your data but if all doesna��t go well you would require a backup.

Step1: download ADB fastboot files from /xda

Step2: extract the files in a folder.

Step3: download the custom Rom file in this case I will take Nexus 9 ElementalX Custom Kernel. Once done copy the same to the folder which contents ADB fastboot.

Step4: now connect your device to pc via US and make sure to keep USB debugging ON. Once done with that reboot the device and go to boot loader.

Step5: press shift, open command prompt, and make sure you do that when only your program tool folder is open(where you extracted all downloaded files)

Step6: now go on tying the commands and let the magic begin.

adb devices (make sure you see a number there)

adb reboot Bootloader

fastboot boot and drag the elementaX image file (temporary method)

fastboot flash boot and drag the elementaX image file or any other image file that you may like.

Now it will just reboot and its done you can enjoy your first custom ROM.