How to install custom ROM Android 4.4 on Samsung galaxy grand 2


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is presently the hottest product of Samsung running in markets right now. It has occupied top most spot in Samsunga��s most selling Smartphonea��s. Ita��s an indigestible fact for Samsung that other tough competitors of Samsung are providing Android 4.4.2 KitKat running Smartphones under the same price range. People have got an easy option to kart Kit Kat running Smartphonea��s instead of choosing old school Jelly Beans phones. It is obvious that Samsung needs to concentrate on it. But thanks to the efforts of elegant developers who have developed a custom ROM so called slimKat ROM. This ROM updates your Samsung Grand 2 into Android Kit Kat 4.4.2. After variousA�experimentationA�on this ROM it has been found 100% compatible with Samsung GalaxyA�Grand 2.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Leta��s Get Started:

Read the steps given below carefully and follow each step strictly. If failed to do so, your phone might encounter some problems and we are not responsible for that:

We need to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 before installing KitKat 4.4.2 on it:


  1. Install USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Download software ODIN and unzip it.
  3. Turn on Developer Option in the Settings of your phone.
  4. Keep your phone charged above 80%.
  5. While rooting your phone all your personal data will be erased so ita��s recommended to backup your phone before rooting.
  6. Now download ADB driver and install it.
  7. Also download Clock Work Mod Recovery
  8. Now turn off your phone and press power off button/screen lock button, Volume up and home button and this will make you enter into boot loader menu.
  9. A warning will flash on your phone screen and you just need to press volume up button to confirm.
  10. Now plug in your phone with original USB cable into your PC and start Odin Software already downloaded.
  11. As you connect your phone your port number will appeara�? COM-XXa�? where XX is your port number .Choose it now.
  12. Run ODIN and choose PDA and search for .Select it and start installation process. Just be patient ita��s going to take your little bit of time.
  13. Download and transfer Super SU into root folder of your sd card.
  14. Again perform Step 8 once again to enter boot mode.
  15. Once you enter in boot mode, with the help of your power button search and install zip from your sd card.
  16. At the last, choose Super SU 1.2 from your card and press power off b/lock screen button .Now let the process begin.
  17. Now restart your phone by selecting Reboot System option.

Your Phone Is Rooted Successfully

After rooting your phone now you will be able to install KitKat on your phone.

Leta��s get started:

  1. Install necessary USB drivers of Samsung.
  2. Before moving on make sure that your battery is charged above 80%
  3. Dona��t risk your personal data; create a back up of you contacts and other essential stuff. It might wipe out during the process so ita��s better to take precautions.
  4. Go to settings>Developer option>USB debugging and enable it.
  5. Download these 2 ROM files: G apps and 4.4.2 Rom.
  6. After downloading these two files transfer them from your PC into the root folder of your sd card.
  7. A�Now pull out the USB cable from your phone and switch off.
  8. To enter in boot menu as already shown while rooting, simultaneously press volume down button, home button and screen lock/power off button.
  9. Your screen will flash a warning message, just press volume up button and carry on.
  10. Choose Recovery options and you will land into CWM recovery mode. There will be Data Wipe out/Factory Reset option available for clearing data.
  11. A�Go to advanced Option>Wipe out cache>Dalvik cache and clear it.
  12. Jump back to CMW recovery mode home and click on option install zip from sd card and you navigate the 4.4.2 ROM zip and install.
  13. Repeat the same steps for G apps and launch it also.
  14. Click on Go back and choose reboot system now.

Congrats! Your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is now powered with Android 4.4.2 kitkat instead of jellybean.