Install Android KitKat v4.4 ROM on Sony Xperia L


Here is great news for Xperia L users, no longer have to rely on using old school Jellybean OS while the whole world tastes Kit Kat, you can manually upgrade your Smartphone operating system from jellybean to Kit Kat by following our simple tutorial. This custom ROM for Sony Xperia L is unofficial because officially this Smartphone is upgradable up to Jelly bean 4.4.2 only. Leta��s first know your Smartphone before starting our operation on it. This Smartphone is a greatly featured Smartphone housing a 4.3inch screen, 8MP primary camera, Jelly bean OS, 8 GB internal storage + 1GB RAM. This Smartphone is backed with 1750mAh battery giving almost 9hours of talk time. All these features clearly signify that this Smartphone has got every feature fixed rightly without any shortcoming and most importantly rightly priced. For installing custom ROM the most important thing is that your Smartphone should be rooted and rooting is nowadays an easy process. Just install z4root application on your Smartphone and root it. But installing custom ROM needs good amount of exposure and attention. Now leta��s begin the process.

Sony Xperia L

Warnings/ Precautions:

1. We are not responsible for any potential damage caused to your Smartphone via this process. Your little negligence can result in complete bricked condition of your Smartphone.

2. Keep all your essential data backed up because during this process your personal data is likely to get wiped out.

Downloads Needed:

1. Download and set up Android SDK and install ADB and Fast boot drivers.

2. Omni Custom ROM for Xperia L.

For Omni custom ROM you will have to download three files which are system.img, boot.img and userdata.img. After downloading these 3 files keep them in Fast boot folder created already in your C Drive.


1. Send off your device into boot loader mode by firstly switching off your Smartphone and then simultaneously pressing power button and volume down button.

2. Now plug in your Smartphone to your PC via original USB cable where you have already prepared SDK setup as advised.

3. Now jump into the fast boot folder and start up command prompt from there by pressing and holding Shift key and mouse right button and select open command window from the sub menu prompted up.

4. In command prompt which we opened now, write down these set of commands.

Fastboot flash system system.img

Fastboot flash boot boot.img

Fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

Fastboot reboot

5. After successful entry off these commands, your Xperia L will get rebooted and all your data will be wiped out. Now wait for your device to load up with the all new Android Kit Kat 4.4. It might take a little extra time to do so. Now youa��re done.