How to increase signal strength In Motorola Moto G


Moto G is currently the most attractive mid range Smartphone available to us with such high end specifications. It has become the first preferred choice for every android lover. It has got Android Kitkat and all other specifications people chase nowadays so it deserves this position. Despite of such dominance there are also some loopholes in this Smartphone also and weak network signalling is the worst drawback a Smartphone can have.

You can’t stick near to a signalling station every time; we need to travel from place to place in our daily life. So our Smartphone should be strong signal holder even if the signalling intensity is weak from its origin. To evade your suffering Phone Lane is always ready to help. We have gathered some tips and tricks for you to overcome your Moto G weak battery and weak signalling problem. Let’s go through them all and get benefited.

Motorola Moto G

For battery:

1. Before sleeping, keep your Moto G on charge and let it charge all night fully so that you don’t get messed up before leaving for full day work in the morning.

2. You can check if there is any heavy application running, if so then force it close. It will save some amount of charge.

3. Switch your Moto G to the Flight mode if you are in low signal area because it will drain your battery faster in searching the signal.

3. Keep only 5 seconds of screen time out so that battery isn’t wasted by display lights.

4. After using your Smartphone, keep its screen off immediately and make it a habit.

5. GPS always runs in background without letting you know, so turn off location access in your settings so that it won’t waste your battery in unwanted ways.

6. Keep your wifi and Bluetooth turned off when not in use.

Weak Signalling:

After upgrading Moto G to 4.4.2 kitkat several users have complained about the weak signal problem.Uou can try switching on and off your Moto G and see if it works. Otherwise, The only way out of this problem is to go to a Motorola official centre and report them this problem. Their developers would have already been aware that this might happen so they will give you complete assistance for solving the problem.