How to increase battery life in Micromax A121 Canvas Elanza 2


Canvas Elanza 2 is the highly featured midrange Smartphone from Micromax which was added up into their ever longing and successful Canvas series in May 2014. Currently this Smartphone is available at an exciting price tag of around Rs. 8500. This Smartphone features following high end key assets.

Micromax A121 Canvas Elanza 2

  1. 5.0inch LCD display (294ppi)
  2. 1 GB RAM
  3. 4GB internal storage
  4. 8MP primary camera.
  5. Qualcomm 1.2GHz Quad core processor

These features are very exceptional at this price range and this is the best buy low budget phone for professionals as well as rough gamers. This high featured Smartphone definitely needs a high end battery to run it for a good period of time on single charge. Ita��s 2000mAh battery claims to provide talk time of 7 hours but for rough users they definitely need to optimise the battery life of their Elanza 2 if they want to use their Smartphone for a whole day of usage. Some of the users have been claiming about the average battery backup of this Smartphone .So here we are for you and we have specified some workarounds which can help you optimise the battery life of your Smartphone.

1. Internet browsing on Android Smartphone consumes a tremendous amount of your battery. Especially the applications which run in back ground take your internet connection silently and contribute in the battery drainage of Your elanza 2. So, it is recommended to kill unwanted background applications via some task killer or manually. This will decrease the drainage of your battery very effectively.

2. Optimise your connectivity options after every use. Turn off youa��re your Wi-FI, Bluetooth and other connectivity options when not in use. These also consume a good share of your battery life.

3. Most of the social applications installed on Android have got sync option available which is usually set to auto. Turn off auto sync manually so that your internet data plan as well as battery is saved.

4. Keep your Elanza 2 screen brightness set to minimum. The high lighting eats up the battery of your Smartphone very fast.

5. Set your Screen time out minimum which is 15 seconds.

6. Avoid showing off live wallpaper as they keep running continuously and keep consuming battery in unproductive fashion.

6. Instead of installing different battery saving softwarea��s, just install a simple ad free task killer and use it in application optimisation.

However if we look at the other face of this coin, it is like imprisoning your way of using Smartphone with the fear of battery loss. For the people who can bear this amount of compromising can just buy a good power bank from market and use it time to time. Or they can get an additional original battery from Micromax official store and enjoy stress free Smartphone experience.