HTC One dead, wona��t turn on, showing black screen – How to boot


The most common problem with HTC One that users face is that it wona��t turn on and will show you a black screen. The problem is widely common in all HTC One devices and the user finds no way to boot the device. The draining up of the battery completely is the main reason behind that. The first precautionary step is to never allow your HTC One device to drain. Once it is drained, you may have a serious problem. But the issue is not so worrisome and can be resolved and be overcome by following some simple steps.


Basic troubleshooting:

The prime cause of the black screen and the non booting is the battery of the phone. The first thing that you should do is charge the battery for at least one hour. If you are lucky enough then your device might just boot by charging. But if not then you can just remove the battery and put it again and charge it for some time. The trick might work for you but the assurance level of the basic level of troubleshooting is very less.

Procedure to boot

The best step that can be followed to boot your dead HTC One is by using the boot loader. It is always recommended that the boot loader should be enabled in the device. Any problem with booting can become easier with the boot loader. Boot loader is like a safe mode of any PC. The initial boot image and the recovery files are stores in the boot loader memory.

To enter into the boot loader mode you have to simply press the volume down and power button together. The time may vary but you should follow the steps only after you have completed the basic troubleshooting, because in any case your drained battery needs charge to boot. It has been that generally the boat loader mode does not open in a single attempt. You might have to reattempt the procedure several times to switch to the desired mode.

Once the boot loader is on, you need to navigate to the fast boot files. The navigation process is only possible with the volume up and volume down key along with the power button. Once you have found the fast files mode inside the boot loader you can select it by pressing the power button.

Once you have entered the fast file mode, you have reached closer to boot your device. The fast files contain the kernel flash and the boot file image named boot.img, upon selecting the fast files, your device will be booted from the boot.img file that is stored there. The process might take some time but once you have reached there your dead device will be active again.


Once you have experienced the black screen of dead HTC One, you might be interested in some valuable precautionary tips which will help you to come out of the situation in future.

The first thing that should be kept in mind while using HTC One device is, your device should always be charged time to time. Any negligence may lead to the situation of battery damage and which can in turn make your phone dead.

The boot loader should always be enabled so that you can boot your device even when it is showing a black screen and also the recovery software should be used to make your device more protected from such unwanted situations.