How to Use Vine on Apple Watch


Vine is one of the top apps that you are not supposed to miss out installing it in your Apple watch. This is an amazing entertainment apps that will keep you updated with the latest and trending news and videos all over the world. The recent rise in the technological levels has led to the introduction of Apple watches which really steer forwarded the development of the vine app for the Apple watch. This app has got over 30 languages making it to be used universally. This makes it one of the highly rated apps in the iTunes. Vine is very simple with very easy navigation that make it at ease to use. Its navigation is equipped with 2 feeds i.e. The featured feeds and the favorite feeds. Here is a simple guideline on how to use vine in the Apple watch.


Vine on Apple Watch

Addition of the number of loops in your account.

Despite the small size of the Apple watch you can add number of loops in your account in a very simple way. This will enable you to view your tweet counts and Face-book likes. This also allows you to see the total number of loops in your account.

Viewing new and latest vines that are trending.

Navigating the latest vines is very simple with a swipe only to the left on the app is what is required for you to view the new vines that are highly recommended for viewing. The new and latest apps can be viewed in the featured feed of the app.
Creating an excellent music loop.

Creating a list of endless latest music in your watch vine app is very simple. All you have to do is to add your favorite list of songs to the app and tap on the snap feature to create your list of endless songs in your Apple watch. This also allows you to create audio mixes to your Apple watch by tapping on the vine app to launch it and tap create audio mixes.

Vine on Apple Watch

Posting features.

This app allows you to create new posts directly from your Apple watch and also view the latest posts from your favorite followers. This actually increases the value of your Apple watch making it even more useful.

Viewing video clips in vine.

This app allows you to get access to the best comedy clips, sports news and clips and even latest video news clips directly from your watch.

This is one of the latest app that is updated to make it compatible with the Apple watches. Despite the small size of the Apple watch display this app has been equipped with simple controls to master when using it. It is very simple to acquire this app. All you need is just to go to the iTunes store and download this app for free after which you will install it in your Apple watch. It is one of the highly rated apps with a very small size that might not alter the performance of your Apple watch.Download Vine for Apple Watch Here