How to use Samsung Kies PC suite – step by step guide


If you are using an expensive and with most modern feature Samsung phone, you are certainly missing out on some of important updates and features if you don’t have Samsung Kies installed. Try it out. You would not regret. In fact, you would love how your phone is always updated on the most recent new updates for your cell phone using only kies PC suite. When connected, Kies automatically notifies you of new firmware version.

Thus, helps us to upgrade our mobile to better and improved version of the latest firmware.

Kies is Samsunga��s desktop software very useful to transfer music, videos, contacts, and photos, update software, and sync wirelessly from your cell phone or tablet.

Samsung Kies maintain a connection between your cell phone and PC for overall management of your data, creating it easier for you to synchronize information and notice new apps. Mistreatment Samsung Kies, you’ll be able to read apps full screen on your computer, in spite of what network youa��re on. You will be able to modify services too, just by turning into a Samsung Apps member or registering your mobile.

Take Kies for a try and it would, however prove very helpful for managing your files and syncing your Samsung phone together with your computer.

Samsung Kies

Steps for how to download and install kies PC suite is as follows:

Go to your internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome) download kies PC suite from a proper appropriate site. I suggest you to download from the official Samsung site. or Samsung Kies PC Suite

StepA�1.A�Here on official Samsung kies PC suite site, you may see the fore most widespread merchandise, click them for a fast transfer link.

StepA�2.A�If your phone doesn’t there notice it by select:a�?mobile phonea�?.

StepA�3.A�Then choose a subtype: A�a�?Smartphonea�?Currentlyyou’llchoose a Model Number of your selections.

StepA�4.A�Click the manuals & downloads button
The manual page can open, however, what you like to would try to do as per that and enjoy.

StepA�5.A�Open the software system page.

StepA�6.A�Once the software system page is open, you will transfer Kies PC suite.

After downloading to get started:

Using a PC data cable, connect your device to your PC.
From any home screen on the phone bit Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
Use the USB Debugging choice to populate its check box
Scan over all, the entire prompt. If you agree, press OK and so press the house key

On the PC, launch Samsung Kies
Launch kies software on your PC.
When a couple of seconds, you must see the model number of your cell phone within the upper-left corner of Kies.

Samsung Kies features:

Wireless connection Possible
Connect a mobile to Kies via Wi-Fi. Kies via Wi-Fi lets you use Kies in a most convenient way. It is available for the supported models only, and some functions are limited while Wi-Fi connection.

Synchronization of Contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo
Add and edit contact of mobile on Kies very easily. Also, another feature here is you can sync contacts with those of your existing Outlook, Google or Yahoo accounts.

Your mobile remains always updated
When connected, Kies automatically would notify you with new software version. so you can always make your mobile improved with the latest version software.

The best experience of music life with mobile It Provides access to the Kies music library. Thus, Make your own favorite music playlist and Sync that with mobile. Enjoy your life with music wherever you go.
Easy transfer of photos and videos to your PC
You can easily store your valuable photos, videos, images you have.


Kies supported models:

Some feature phones, many Smart Phones and Tablets whichwerelaunched before Sept 2013,

Kies 3 supported models: All devices with Android 4.3 and Note 3.

System requirements:

  • Supports Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS
  • Supports RAM: 1GB with 512Mb free for process.
  • At least 500mb of Hard Disk requirement for any version of computer and at least 100MB for Mac Operating system.
  • Supports all the processors which are higher from the version-Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz processor.
  • Supports only Windows Media Player 10 or later.
  • ActiveSync (Windows XP), Device Center (Windows Vista)
  • DirectX 9.0C


  • It even supports on MAC
  • Synchronizes your all data efficiently
  • Backup of data is possible.
  • Updates your phone software.


  • It cannot backup DRM protected data