How to use official Whatsapp on desktop web browser


Being used by over 700 million people globally, Whatsapp is the world most dominant, secure, simple and fast cross platform messaging service. Whatsapp has greatly enhanced the messaging service worldwide providing lag free delivery along with images, videos audio sending and receiving capability. It not only saves your money but also provides enhanced message sending capability. Whatsapp is available in all the major mobile platforms like iOS, android, windows, etc. However you will have to pay yearly subscription fee for the service, since Whatsapp is ad free thus more reliable and secure. Last year Whatsapp was sold over by the developer to Facebook at 19 billion USD.

WhatsApp Messenger

From then onwards, Facebook has started tweaking Whatsapp for new features, and recently the new update included the feature of letting user know that message has delivered by seeing the colour change mark on the delivery sign below the message signifying that message has been read.
According to the rumours, it was also been said that Facebook is testing Whatsapp for free voice calling facility but no such results have yet arrived. However the most remarkable and needy feature from Whatsapp has recently arrived being called at Whatsapp Web, this feature allows users to exchange messages from Whatsapp directly from the web browser of your PC. Thus you can chat easily on your PC through Whatsapp Web while browsing web at the sometime. This feature looks great and promising as far as the usability of the web browsers as well as Whatsapp is concerned. It will help us in working without switching between PC and Smartphone. According to Whatsapp, Whatsapp web its nothing but just simple Whatsapp client extension on your PC helping you to exchange messages directly from the PC.

For using Whatsapp Web on Pc you just need to run it on the web browser of your PC. However currently, only Google chrome is compatible with Whatsapp web. The rest of major web browsers are yet to attain Whatsapp running compatibility. Also the major platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows will be getting a newer version of Whatsapp compatible with Whatsapp web however rest of the platforms are out of luck.

For running Whatsapp on PC web browser, only few steps have to be performed.
1. Visit
2. On the Google Chrome browser, user will have to scan QR code of desktop via Whatsapp present in your phone for verification.
3. After complete confirmation, you can surf web as well as chat on Whatsapp side by side.

However, ita��s necessary for Whatsapp to release it globally on all browsers without discrimination just like the native Whatsapp is running on all platforms.