How to Unlock Motorola E BootLoader


Motorola a US based company who started by building microprocessor and slowly the company grew in various technological aspect. The company also started developing phones. Their device were unique and good looking and RAZER series was the best in the early ages. The company then developed the android phones. The company has been under many CEOa��s but finally Lenovo has taken command and are planning to expand their products together. Certain devices of Motorola are liked worldwide and one such phone is Moto E. This device comes under low budget device. Moto E is a dual SIM device with a 4.3a�? screen with a dual core processor that works on Android kitkat, has a 4GB ROM and 1GB RAM.

Moto G


Unlocking the Bootloader will void your warranty.


  • You need to backup all your data in-case required.
  • Install Motorola USB drivers and connect the device in USB debugging mode with the original USB cable.
  • Allow OEM unlock by going to Settingsa�� Device settinga�� OEM unlock.
  • Download the a�?Minimal ADB and Fastboota�?

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  • Press the power and volume down button simultaneously to fastboot.
  • After that open Minimal ADB and Fastboot via command prompt(you can find this in C drive in program files under minimal adb and fastboot folder)
  • Once your device is connected to the pc and your command prompt is ready type in this syntax and follow thesteps in the same order to unlock the Bootloader.
  • a�?fastboot oem get_unlock_dataa�?
  • A string will be returned that has to be copied and pasted on Motorola website also remove the spaces between them. To make this easy copy it on a notepad and then make some changes.
  • Open the Motorola website with your login credentials. Once you are logged in paste the string copied earlier on 6th row and click on can my device be unlocked.
  • A request unlock key button will appear click on that and (allow all popupa��s) after that click on I agree.
  • Once you have agreed a mail will be sent by Motorola on your registered email id (dona��t forget to check on spam if its not available on your inbox).
  • Type: a�?fastboot devicesa�?
  • Then type: fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY(the 20 character copied string) and hit enter your device Bootloader is unlocked.
  • To relock the Bootloader again go to the Minimal ADB and Fastboot CMG and type a�?fastboot oem locka�?.